Scuderia Craprrai Goes to Leyburn

2y ago


After Targa Tas I had an idea.

What if I took the MR2 racing.

Here it is. Plotting to break itself.

A few people had suggested doing the Leyburn Sprints as a good first time event.

I was keen.

The MR2 promptly broke it's dizzy and fuel pump the day after I returned home from Tasmania. Thanks to the Siddons' help I was back on the road after a trailing to the gold coast and back.

Mandatory zip ties.

Dan helped out with the fire extinguisher and helmet.

We where ready to race.

These multigrips stayed on the car for over a week of driving.

I serviced the car and it proceeded to dump oil all over me. That oil filter location rules.

I now know how penguins feel when an oil tanker crashes onto of them.

Most of the team budget was spent on shirts to hand out.

Gold. These shirts where handy for finding out if people where chill and good to talk to. People that took it too seriously where offended, people that enjoyed just being out there found it funny. Great success.

I knew early on that I was going to be last or near last in whatever category I was in.

So I decided to take on the challenge with a good sense of humour. Scuderia Craprrai was born. With a emblem of a horse with googly eyes and a moto of "It's ok, I don't know what I'm doing either." we where set.

So set that I screwed the spelling of either as ether on all thirty shirts. Team ethos in action.

Spoilers: The MX-5 won. It was freakishly fast.

Cars 170 to 177 where in my category. A 1.6L Supercharged car making 100kW at the wheels was up against a two GT3s.

Sounds fair.

We stopped for the photo. Not to piss. Honest.

Transit to Leyburn from Brisbane was pretty good. My service crew (Chris/David) drove my WRX out with all my spares. Also I would be sleeping in the WRX. Again.

On the move.

Before I knew it, it was race time. My goal wasn't to win or beat anyone but just to improve as much as possible.

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The first run was a 1:05.7812.

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I pulled out over a second on run too. I was getting used to the car and making less mistakes.

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I was also starting to do massive skids. I was down to a 1:03.7766 by a combo of practice and advice to pump up my tire pressures.

We spent the rest of the day relaxing on over priced air hammocks and buying a fake numberplate for the car.


The pub ruled.

I was going to risk sleeping outside on the hammock for the night. Common sense kicked in despite a couple of beers.

It was fucking cold.

Real cold.

Day too was on.

I improved another second and wasn't dead last in the category on the opening pass. I suspect the serious guys couldn't turn on their semi slicks while I was still on street tires.

Or they where more hungover than I was. One or the other.

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The second to last lap was my quickest. A 1:01.3357! Hell of an improvement over what I could do on Saturday morning.

Overall the weekend ruled and I can't thank Chris and David enough for service crewing for me. Also for everyone that helped out getting me to the event.

I'll be back next year for sure.

Info dump:

The Leyburn Sprints are held yearly in August. They are awesome and are the perfect event for first timers. You can find out more here: www.leyburnmotorsprints.com.au/

You can follow the increasingly poor decisions of Scuderia Craprrai here: www.facebook.com/Craprrai/?fref=ts