- T​he reference is GA110GW-7A if anyone is interested.

S​ea-Mine First G Shock

P​lease excuse the horrible title pun, It's early here in Florida...

2w ago

A​ while ago, I was aimlessly sifting through Grand Tour episodes that I had not seen in a while. I had watched the Madagascar special three times in fairly short succession and realized that my wife more than likely would not be open to watching it for a fourth time so soon. It had been a while since I had seen Seamen, so I figured why not?

I​n my usual way, I was looking at what watches the hosts were wearing when I happened to notice what was on Jeremy's wrist (during his monologue on the story of the PBR crashing through eight enemy boats). I had noticed the G Shock he was wearing before on a previous viewing, yet had forgotten about it due to my daydreaming of much more unobtanable watches (insert Planet Ocean into my daydreaming schedule here...). Seeing it again on screen made me realize how much I liked it, so I did something that I never do: I made an impulse purchase. Now, I am still me, so I shopped around for a ridiculously long time that evening for the best deal and settled for one that I found at $52 (the watch has a $150 MSRP and is long discontinued). Given, $150 isn't a horrible price, but if I can save $98, I am going to save $98. No ifs, ands, or buts.

T​his G Shock is a welcome addition to my collection. For a while now, I have wanted a watch that I can bang around without worry. Will I wear it all of the time? Probably not, as I enjoy others in my collection a lot more, but I do not regret my purchase. It is a well built watch, handsome in its own way, and makes no apologies for being what it is. For many, a common belief is that no true watch collection is complete without a G Shock in it. In many ways, this is similar to the belief that no car enthusiast is officially a car enthusiast until one has owned/driven an Alfa Romeo. G Shocks and Alfa Romeos are by no means the nicest offerings in their respective worlds, but both do their jobs extraordinarily well, make no apologies for being what they are, and have upheld their reputations in a sea of other offerings for a long time, which I find commendable in itself.

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  • Well said! I own two of them myself, and I like them very much. They're damn near indestructible, and even if they would get scratches: it's a sign they're being used for their intended purpose, much like a layer of mud on a Jeep.

      16 days ago