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The once-called #Coppa #Intereuropa is always a good occasion to improve our #racing knowledge and look for ideas for future projects. The great variety of cars and categories givs the opportunity to see a wide spectrum over the vintage automotive scene.

With the cold-war-style mistery and sectres that surround the high end racing series like F1, Wec and MotoGp - where you've to afford ultra expensive pit access ticket - i've switched to grassroots events like these where there's no borders and you can watch (and touch) some astonishing machines and see their crew at work.

For a petrolhead an mechanics addicted there's nothing more to ask. Especially when you can come across some materpieces like the 917K Porsche.

Paint schemes are always one of the features that i'm looking for. Today's liveries are usually far less interesting and iconic (at least now) than some examples of the past.

Some of them have just been used and re-used too many times so the risk is to become too obvious once you put them in your custom project. I think at Gulf, Martini, JPS and so on.

But there is plenty of color-combos and graphics that deserve to be explored and promoted.

White-Blue-Red is a well-known scheme but there are so many ways to combine them that it's like a blank page. The Valvoline logo really works on this one.

Gradients and shades were not so popular in those days: plain and vivid colours were the choice so the combination was the key, having no other tricks to solve the work. The white base with gold-red and black really reminds me of the Mugen history and i didn't manage to find which year this car was raced in. But Csls were painted in many different liveries those days so the key is that this very model looks period correct anyway.

Take all these Bimmers for example: they all look shiny and gorgeous with their stripes and neat contrasts. The bordeaux-red-orange M1 in particular really gave me lot of ideas about some possible application.

(It looked good even at full speed)

Ok, the last one, i promise!

Her sister was dressed in a more "modern" suit bu still managed to grab some eyes while catching that big white Ferrari.

Sky blue and racing white is a simple but effective combination: especially when matched with gold mesh wheels with chrome dish.

Green was one of the colors to have at this event, as this line up suggests. Starting with this super-classic Alpina Csl (i made a design about a k1000 dressed with this very livery but the owner changed his mind few days before starting the project).

Even her little cousin sported a green-oriented dress.

The "vegan" parade went on with this super - 80s Group C Cheetah that seems to come straight from aMiami Vice episode.

Last but not least this 1978 Toj Sc303 in a cool BP green-black-yellow livery.

Yellow was another tone with lots of fan: from this race-spec foxbody Mustang that was able to leave all the touring cars field behind..

..including this fluo yellow Bmw Csl that chased it in vain all the race.

This gorgeous 512m Ferrari put on a great show managing to catch and beat the stellar 917K, in a re-edition of the historic struggle they lived almost 50 years ago.

Even one raspy Lola T70 Mk3 wore

A rotated revcounter on a vintage Ferrari is something that should belong to the history of art class.

Speaking of interiors and engine bays let's see some under-the skin goodies. Starting from this giant intercooler equipped Porsche 935.. the organ-shaped trumpets of the V8 in this Mclaren M6A. Kept under glass like precious object in a jewellery.

Minimal interiors on the Toj Sc303.

Homemade inlet covers on this 4 banger from a 70s F2.

Few things can beat a classic inline six 3.0 Bmw racing engine, both for look and noise.

The fascinating complexity of a Porsche 962 flat 6 bi-turbo engine, a weapon that raises trophy all over the world in a number of variants: some of them were wayover 700hp at full trim!

There's room only for the engine in the back half of the Ferrari 512BB. The flat 12 cilynder is really huge!

The snow-plow silhouette of the Osella-Bmw F2 car

Hand-made aluminium body for this shiny paint-less Jaguar. Proof that "hand-made" has nothing to do with battered and inaccurate body panels (like many customizer want us to think).

The flat 6 Turbo of many Porsches are famous for their flames which can last for an umbelievable number of seconds when braking from speed. I suspect this is due to an overflow of fuel that has the function of helping the air-cooled engine to cool down through petrol evaporation.

Detail at lower shutter speed.

The rest of the warrior, the ex-Michael Schumacher Sauber Mercedes C11.

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