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while searching through ebay to look for something interesting for sale i came across this .......

4y ago

For those that dont know me I run 2 privately owned garages in Yorkshire selling super-cars performance hatches and classics.

One of my favorite pastimes that comes with the job ( much to the frustration of my MD ) is sourcing and finding stock including my passion for the weird and wonderful. I have become accustomed to the face from others as i declare " look what I have just bought. "

in recent times my purchases have included such delight as .....a Mercedes s600 v12 pullman stretch ministerial ex embassy car.... a SLR Mclaren done 1800 miles in Indonesia.... a 1 owner 1983 Ford transit van done 143 miles from new.... a left hand drive french registered 1975 Range Rover 2 door...... among others including the usual list of supercars lambos ferraris etc. ( I know am starting to understand why the trade referes to me as oddball Martin i think )

on perusing the ads etc this morning and while stumbling across ebay i found this advert now i love a sales pitch and a bit of modification but i think artistic license has been pushed a little i will paste the wording from the advert below

Thanks for looking!

1 off modified to the MAX Pug 205 1.9 GTI

This car has had Hours and Hours of time spent getting it to this state, Its a true one off lightweight race spec 205 Gti.

Everything Not needed has been stripped of (and some bits that may have been needed) resulting in a power to weight ratio of around One BMP!


Everything Stripped and replaced with a Light weight race spec Chassis from Bob "the Builders" Performance tuning company. Race spec solid suspension, Active tilt steering, performance Green stuff tyre, and a full Barrow Performance exhaust system giving a nice tone and somewhere to store your Steller on a hot day! Front grill still original (after all you cant go to over the top)


Race Spec Bucket seating with "easy out pro alloy" tip system to help on those drunken pub runs! Slight signs of use but nothing the local polish car was cant sort!


Massive 1 BMP engine (can be modified to 2 BMP with a 4 pack of steller) Some times misfires in the mornings and can be a bit smokey, Plenty of replacements on facebook and down the local job center so could be upgraded cheap!

***NO*** silly offers! we all know that 205 Gti's are getting expensive! this will only go up in value! this is the Lightest 205 in the country!

I do find myself dothing my cap if i had one on to the author of the advert good on you pal and if nothing else you have brightened my miserable Monday morning.

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Comments (3)

  • yes Matthew these rare cars are woth big money at the moment haha

      4 years ago
  • Oooh, it's a limited edition colour (laser green) so worth saving! :-)

      4 years ago
  • I dunno, I've taxed and insured worse.

      4 years ago