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Season 7 Formula E Liveries Ranked

It was difficult, but here’s my take on the liveries for Formula E’s first World Championship season.

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On November 28th, Formula E cars returned to the circuit for the first official preseason test for the 2021 ABB FIA Formula E World Championship, the seventh season of Formula E. This meant it was the first time seeing all the new cars and liveries in the flesh on track, with a good mix of new and retained liveries. As always, there are loads of stunning liveries in Formula E, but I’ve tried to rank them by giving each livery a rating out of 10, as choosing a definitive top 12 would be far to hard.

ROKiT Venturi Racing - 4/10

Despite having ROKiT as title sponsor, Venturi have gone with a monochrome livery for Season 7, dropping the red that has become synonymous with ROKiT sponsorship. While the livery isn’t particularly offensive, for me there’s nothing about it that says ‘wow’, with the black and white colour scheme emphasising the lack of intricate design work. A good livery certainly doesn’t need to be meticulously designed, as you will see further down the list, but having no colour to enliven the livery makes it feel very dull.

Mercedes-Benz EQ Formula E Team – 5/10

My thoughts on Merc’s Season 7 livery is the same as when their F1 team revealed their initial Silver Arrow livery for the 2020 season – why have they ruined the blue stripe? In both the Season 6 FE livery and the 2019 F1 livery, the blue/turquoise stripe that adorned the Mercs had a radiant, electric feel, whereas now they have changed it to a dull, flat blue. This removes the character from the livery for me, which is why I can only rate this a 5. What did surprise me a little was the fact they dropped the Black Lives Matter livery from the Formula E car, but will keep it on the F1 car for 2021.

DS Techeetah – 6/10

Formula E’s top dog rocks the classic racing colour combination of black and gold made famous by the John Player Special livery Lotus ran in their heyday. As such, any team that runs with those colours are always up against it to produce a stunning livery – while Techeetah have revised their livery to include more black and a fade between the colours similar to the Jaguar car, I’m still not completely sold on it. It’s certainly an improvement in my eyes, and I wouldn’t say I dislike the livery, but I wouldn’t say I like it either.

Jaguar Racing – 7/10

Jaguar continue with the turquoise and grey colour scheme they’ve had since joining Formula E in Season 3, despite splitting from their hitherto title sponsor Panasonic. One thing I’ve noticed with the evolution of the Jaguar livery is that there has been increasingly more and more turquoise at the front of the car. Last season I wasn’t sure on it, but this season for me it works for some reason. My favourite part of this livery however is the way the turquoise fades away towards the back of the car, in a similar pattern to the Mercedes stars on their F1 car.

TAG Heuer Porsche Formula E Team – 7/10

Porsche have carried over the livery from their debut Formula E season in Season 6, and they had no reason to do otherwise. The livery is just screams Porsche, from the colour scheme to how it’s been designed – its simplistic yet very effective, and frankly there’s not much else to say. It just works.

NIO 333 FE Team – 8/10

NIO have had a record of very nice liveries in Formula E, the last two in particular being very pretty with the turquoise and white combo (turquoise is proving popular with teams). For this season however they have inverted, with a black and blue livery with very attractive highlights all over the car, in the complete opposite fashion to Mercedes. Its somehow familiar, yet different, and NIO will be hoping their car goes as well as it looks, as they seek to break back into the Formula E midfield and beyond.

Mahindra Racing – 8/10

A very big improvement from Season 6 – the dropped Renesas sponsorship removes one of the two shades of blue, and a massively improved design means Mahindra’s Season 7 livery is one of their best yet. The white has returned as the predominant colour, with the ugly black no longer making an appearance, which reminds me of their Season 3 livery. The way the light blue ZF colours have been integrated means that it isn’t really visible from ground level, but from the bird’s eye it creates a well thought out pattern with the red and white.

Envision Virgin Racing – 8/10

A prime example of a simple design working wonders. A unique deep purple livery is brought to life by the red accents of Virgin, which are much more strategically placed than last season’s livery. They have also removed the silver from the top of the ‘engine’ cover which is a huge relief for me, as while Virgin has run silver-chrome liveries in the past, the lustreless vibe of silver on last year’s car did not work at all.

Nissan e.DAMS – 9/10

Nissan have retained most things from Season 6 for Season 7, including both drivers and the livery. And why not? The symmetrical design with opposing colours is one of the most cleverly designed liveries on the grid. Nissan will also be starting the season with last season’s car, and switching to the new IM03 midseason in a similar fashion to Techeetah, so they could debut a new or revised livery with the new car. I wouldn’t mind if they did, but I don’t see much reason for them to do so whilst they have such a good livery at present.

Audi Sport ABT Schaeffler – 9/10

After the shock announcement that Season 7 will be Audi’s swansong in Formula E, it makes me even more relieved that they will race a massively improved livery over last season. Audi’s Season 6 livery was awful in my eyes, with the black on the front of the car making it look like the livery was never finished. For this season, an actual design has made its way onto the front half of the car and they have nailed it. Using Audi’s traditional red, white and black colour scheme, the livery looks both futuristic and aggressive, and it will be a shame to lose it after 2021. I also really like the chrome green of the Schaeffler sponsorship at the back of the car, something in previous year’s I have also been unsure on.

BMW i Andretti Motorsport – 9/10

The car may be new, but like Nissan, BMW have retained their Season 6 livery, and like Nissan, I am so glad they have. The design of the BMW livery is unique, with the asymmetrical use of angular shapes somehow complementing the curves of the Spark Gen2. The shades of blue that BMW use are also very pretty, giving it an electric (excuse the pun) vibe. The livery is an evolution of their Season 5 livery when BMW made their debut in Formula E – it will be tough for their designers to top this livery for Season 8.

Dragon/Penske Autosport – 10/10

Finally, the Penske name makes its debut in Formula E, and my word have they arrived with a bang. Designer Sean Bull has dropped the black and white livery that Dragon ran along with their GEOX sponsorship, and has returned them to their roots with the chrome red and white, last seen in Season 4. Back then, they ran a split design across the two cars, with Jerome d’Ambrosio’s being mostly chrome red while José Maria López’s car was mostly white. This year, the liveries remain the same across both cars, with a simple yet beautiful diamond design that inverts on the front half of the car. It’s a stunning colour combination, and Sean Bull has certainly emphasised its beauty with such a brilliant design. Let’s hope that the car is fast, as we all will be wanting to see this livery fight at the front.

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