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Season 8 Formula E Liveries Ranked

Its that time of year again – preseason testing is done, and what a stunning grid we have. This is gonna be tough.

Before I start, if you ask me to rank these liveries in a week from now I will probably give you an entirely different order. In fact, I’m only completely certain on the 1st and 11th rankings in this list. This has got to be the best-looking Formula E season to date, with only one livery I actively dislike. So, here goes, my ranking is as follows:

11. Mercedes-EQ Formula E Team

Sorry Mercedes. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: that blue line is ugly as hell. Just… please do something interesting with it, instead of making it look like a flat sticker. It doesn’t stand out enough on the silver. To make matters worse, they’ve painted the big Mercedes stars at the rear in the same colour, and while not quite as bad being on a black base, it still doesn’t work as well as the white stars.

10. ROKiT Venturi Racing

ROKiT ramp up their presence as title sponsor of the Monaco-based Venturi team, with the team adopting the AJ Foyt ROKiT IndyCar livery that Sébastien Bourdais ran in the 2021 season. That livery is great: the huge ROKiT logo covering most of the car on a black base. Sadly with this version, the logo is much smaller and at a worse angle than that of the IndyCar livery. Don’t get me wrong, its still a very good livery, using simplicity to its advantage, but on a grid as stunning as this, just simplicity won’t cut it.

9. TAG Heuer Porsche Formula E Team

Another very good livery that drowns in the presence of the 2022 cars. No change at Porsche for Season 8, running exactly the same livery as it has done since the German marque entered the series in Season 6. It is undoubtedly a Porsche, so the livery does its job, but a small shakeup is needed if it wants to compete with the rest of the grid this year.

8. Envision Racing

For the first time in Formula E history, the Virgin brand will not be represented on the grid, with Chinese energy company Envision taking full ownership of the team, having previously served as title sponsor for the team throughout the Gen2 era. As a result, bright green has been added as the primary livery colour and it certainly stands out! I quite like it, but having a bright colour at the top of the car makes it look quite tall. I would swap the green and purple around, having the purple as the base of the livery and bright green flashes throughout.

7. NIO 333 FE Team

One of NIO’s best liveries to date, so the fact its only seventh on this list shows just how competitive a grid we have this year. Upon launch, I was doubtful, but seeing the car on track in the flesh proved me how wrong I was. There is enough of a gradient difference between the blues to make the fine stripes stand out, and the addition of the red in the corners works so well. To be honest while writing this, I’m considering moving it higher up the list, but I need to show some self-control for once and stay with my decision!

6. Mahindra Racing

Already being dubbed ‘India’s Ferrari’, Mahindra have gone bold this year with a striking bright block red livery with a side of black highlights. It’s a classic colour combination, and one that Mahindra has made work very well despite the livery’s simplicity. There are subtle patterns in front of the rear wheels that I only noticed while writing this that have made me like the livery even more. The only issue I have is ZF’s block of blue remains by the cockpit. Last year it worked, but on a livery clearly designed to be solid red, it looks out of place.

5. Avalanche Andretti Formula E

With BMW leaving Formula E, Andretti returns as a full-blown Formula E team. With a new title sponsor onboard in the form of blockchain company Avalanche, Andretti uses an eye-catching red and white livery for the first time in Formula E, moving away from its traditional blue colours. The asymmetric style remains, making it stand out further on the grid. Its relatively similar to Mahindra, but I’ve ranked Andretti higher because I find the shade of red used less harsh on the eyes, whereas the Mahindra red is a bit too bright.

4. Jaguar TCS Racing

Despite having a new title sponsor in the form of Tata, Jaguar’s livery is once again an evolution rather than a revolution, however this iteration of the turquoise and grey colour scheme is by far the British brand’s best in Formula E, with a small rejig of the turquoise positioning proving all that was needed. The Jaguar prancing jag logo has been removed sadly, but a smart Jaguar name on a white stripe replaces it on the ‘engine’ cover, proving a neat addition to the livery.

3. Nissan e.DAMS

Nissan’s livery evolution is strikingly similar to Jaguars, with just a small tweak in the geometric formation providing a massive increase in visual appeal. Its another red and black car, but thankfully there is just enough black to make it stand out from Mahindra and Andretti. Not much more to be said, it’s just a very good livery.

2. DS Techeetah

There’s a bit of a pattern occurring here isn’t there. Another one that’s been slightly tweaked geometrically to greatly improve the livery. What makes the black and gold Techeetah rank above Jaguar and Nissan though is the small details, with lines resembling cheetah claw marks throughout the livery a clever touch. Oh, and its not red and black.

1. Dragon/Penske Autosport

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. A saying that couldn’t be more fitting for the Sean Bull designed Dragon/Penske car. The inverted diamond in chrome candy apple red and matte white topped my rankings last year, and as much as the rest of the grid have massively upped their game this year, none of them quite top the masterpiece that this livery is. To be honest, I’m not sure anything will.

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  • idk if it's still on there but my dad's company Renesas was on the Mahindra car

      1 month ago
    • Damnnnnn that's mad! Idk either but the name deffo rings a bell, so the advertising is working😂

        1 month ago
    • It's gotta be for either 3 reasons it's similar to Alessandro Renesis's last name or because you've heard them in the news they supply chips for tesla and toyota or you just heard there name in Formula E

        1 month ago