S​eat belt and door chime disabled permanently on Ram truck

I'm r​eady to pull my hair out, I'd read every thread and finally took matters into my own hands.


F​irst straight to the solution:

T​he Ram dinger you want to disengage is attached to the back of the gauge cluster right behind the MPH dial.

Once you have the gauge cluster off pry the back cover off behind the MPH gage to reveal the chime or dinger speaker.

C​ut one of the wires to disengage the chime or dinger speaker.

M​y not so elegant solution was to rip one of the terminals out because I was in a hurry. You may want to cut the lead in a way that will allow you to solder it back together if you ever plan on selling it. Or in the worst case scenario you may have to purchase a new gauge cluster.

T​here are some things I love about modern vehicles other things I absolutely detest. So it's been a bit of a love hate relationship with my Dodge Ram. As I waited for a random person to arrive this morning to pick up an item I sold on Craigslist I wanted to listen to the truck radio with the door open in the driveway until they arrived. First when I opened the door the dinger started dinging. I did a quick search and you can click the door latch down twice where the door lock attaches to the truck neutralizing the racket. Don't close the door until you unlock it again though or you'll be closing a locked door on the pin.

T​his chime or dinging noise has been a building aggravation that started with the seat belt ding. There are times I don't wear my seat belt such as driving around the yard picking up sticks or sometimes in the neighborhood to run up and see a neighbor. If you turn the key to run position and click and unclick the seat belt 3 times within 15 seconds you can disable the seat belt chime. Recently I disconnected my battery and the chime came back so this morning the door ding broke the camels back. Chime is gone for good.

I​ drive a 2015 Dodge Ram Sport with the Hemi and 8 speed gear box. After owning it for a couple years I've decided it's the best basic truck I've ever owned and that I'm going to keep it as long as I can. After making that decision it was very easy to go the extra mile to customize it to my liking. Today the door ding is gone for good. Next week a new brain box and tune is coming so I can program the engine features I want and quickly change the tune for towing or driving around town.

H​ere are the quick picks I took while dismantling the dash this morning.

S​hout in comments if you have any questions and I'll leave you with my thought of the day.

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Comments (7)

  • The door chime must be one of the most annoying and useless inventions ever! 🙈

      2 months ago
    • You used to be able to just reach under the dash and unplug the annoying module. Now you have to damage other vital operations to get rid of it. Poor critical thinking skills in the engineering department.

        2 months ago
    • Why the manufacturers do such thing? I mean, is that door chime mandatory so they make it difficult to disable? Or is just cost saving, as using the same module for several uses is just cheaper?

        2 months ago
  • Oh no. Pandemic fever strikes again 😩😆

      2 months ago
  • Mine has a buzzer and it’s annoying as hell when driving around the property or over to the neighbors (when I don’t where a seatbelt). Otherwise it’s fine obviously but damn, it really gets on my nerves.

      2 months ago