Sebastien loeb

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- 9 times WRC Champion. In a row. In 10 years.
- "Now I've won the championship for the second time, I think I can say it feels as good as when I did it last time. Some people have said to me that because I've won eight rallies from 13....(continue)....
- ....I should be compared to Schumacher, but I don't think that's correct. I think winning seven championships in rallying is more difficult than in Formula 1, and - at the moment - I have no plans....(continue)....
- .....My priority is just to drive next year and to try and do what I enjoy. Winning rallies." After that he won other 7 titles and...
- 78 WRC victories (record)
- 116 WRC podiums (record). In only 169 WRC attendance.
- And 906 scratches...(another record)
- 7 times Montecarlo winner (record)
- Most consecutive victories in WRC (6 wins in a row)
- Most victories in a season (11 of 15 rallies in 2008)
- Longest jump in a rally (85 meters)
- Victory and record at the only Pikes Peak attendance in 2013, with an astonishing and unbeaten 8'13"878, demolishing the previous record by 1'32".
- He's the only non-scandinavian racer to have won in Sweden, Norway and Finland
- On Tour de Corse 2005 Loeb won all the 12 stages (another record).
- In 2013, after the retirement, he attended 4 WRC rallies. For fun. He won Montecarlo by 1'39"9 on Sebastien Ogier (VW). Another 1st place in Argentina. 2nd place in Sweden. Retirement in France when he was still fighting for the victory.
- At Montecarlo 2015, 3 years after the retirement, Loeb participates at the Montecarlo Rally. In the SS1 (with ice, snow and dark) Loeb wins and take 30" in 21 km on Ogier...Loeb retires when he was still in the lead.
- 4 FIA GT victories.
- 6 WTCC victories
- A 2nd place at 24h Le Mans, on a Pescarolo.
- Next aim: Dakar victory
- First WRX victory in 2016. At 43 years old he still wins.

Probably the best Racer of all time