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Sébastien Loeb returns to the Dakar ... and officially leaves the WRC

It is a new era for this racing legend.

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As you probably know, Sébastien Loeb had been in contract with Hyundai Motorsport at the WRC for 2 years, recently the French champion had expressed the idea of ​​embarking on two new challenges, and was thinking of returning to the Paris-Dakar. The failure of talks with Toyota Gazoo Racing (the agreement should have allowed Loeb to race in the WRC with Toyota) enabled Sébastien Loeb to make his decision.

He will therefore leave Hyundai Motorsport and the WRC (definitively ?) And has signed up, along with Daniel Elena, with the BRX Prodrive team to participate in the Paris-Dakar 2021, and was enthusiastic towards his new comrades:

"BRX has great ambitions for the Dakar 2021 and I am delighted to be part of the adventure with the team" he said "There is a lot of experience in all areas of the team with Prodrive , David Richards' track record and Bahrain's rich motorsport history. It's hard to compete with such a combination and I'm confident we will arrive on the dunes being strong contenders for the next Dakar. "

But he does not leave the door closed to a future collaboration with Hyundai and left his former team on good terms:

"" Those two years went by extremely quickly, and she was also cut off by several months due to the pandemic. But they will have marked part of my career. Hyundai Motorsport has given me the best car I have ever driven in the WRC and I am happy to have been able to race at the highest level with the latest generation of these cars. Now, a new chapter will open in 2021 with Prodrive in rally-raid, but who knows for the WRC ? Neither Hyundai nor I want to turn the page for good. "

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