SECA AND YOU SHALL FIND. A Yamaha XJ600 Racer by Foundry Motorcycles

Spain's Foundry Motorcycles just keep going from strength to strength - this time with the help of Portugal's Capêlo's Garage.

2y ago


There’s a whole lot of customs out there that fly pretty close to the definition of cheating. You can do up a SR500 to look like an old school cafe racer easily enough and bikes like the W650 come as a pre-packaged halfway point to a great looking custom. But most bikes post the 1970’s require a finer touch and more critical eye – like this 1985 Yamaha XJ600 produced by The Foundry Motorcycles.

Carlos Ormazabal heads up the small workshop in the town of Parla, just outside of Madrid. And recently they’ve been moto-typecast when it comes to builds. ‘Since we launched our K75 Street Tracker most of the orders coming in have been based around the K series,’ Carlos says. ‘But we like all motorcycles and any platform can give you the chance to build an interesting bike’.



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