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I was watching "Back to the future" last night and watching that Delorean got me thinking: What if someone would do a remake of that car? What if they put in a good engine, with more than 20 bhp? I would definitely want to see (and maybe buy) that! So what other cars do you think deserve the attention of a manufacturer? And what is the main thing they should improve? Im very curious to hear your comments!

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  • Lancia Delta Integrale for sure...not those crappy shit cars that Lancia makes these days. I did not say Lancia Stratus because it was already remade...but on a limited production only.

    Porsche Carrera GT...never should left production in the first place. The only car really interesting that Porsche made.

    DeTomaso Mangusta.

    Lamborghini remake...just freakin' make them. Hugely more cool than those "Panamerdas".

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  • I was really sad to see Saab go bankrupt, just as their design was becoming increasingly interesting. Just their interior design could be an area to improve.

    1 month ago
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