Secret VW Test track found on Google Maps

The secret the massive car company has been hiding for years - finally confirmed

2y ago

If you are a human then one simple thing is guaranteed - you have asked yourself if VW has a secret test track in the Northern Cape desert of South Africa, the answer is yes. And I will show you using science.

You see, ever since I was a little girl, I have been fascinated by the mysteries that surround this world. Was 9/11 an inside Job? Does Kim Jong Un really not have an anus? And does VW have a secret test track in the Northern Cape?

Nowehere could I find proof of this, yet somehow people in the region always report a sudden spike of automotive engineers from Audi and VW around February in a small nearby town called "Pofadder". With a population of slightly more than 3000 inhabitants, pofadder is a textbook case of rural.

However in the month of February that number is said to double. So, armed with nothing but anxiety and incredible levels of self doubt and constipation, I took to google maps, to figure out what the hell is going on.

After much research....low and behold, I found nothing... until I did find something. Prepare to feast your eyes on VWs secret test track, codename: "Challenging Offroad Circuit Kompound"

VW test track Codename "C.O.C.K"

VW test track Codename "C.O.C.K"

The track has two, 4.5KM (2.8 Mile) straights and two seemingly non banked corners.

According to rumours, this is where VW does their Hot Weather Testing. Locals believe to even have spotted a few Bugatti Veyrons in the local village, before they went on sale.

The Veyron spotted in South Africa, with the license plate reading "High Speed Testing Vehicle, Approved by Government"

The Veyron spotted in South Africa, with the license plate reading "High Speed Testing Vehicle, Approved by Government"

The Veyron on a Dirt Road

The Veyron on a Dirt Road

What a perfect place to test these cars, in SUmmer the temperatures rarely drop below 30 Degrees Celsius (86 Farenheit). Couple that with dust and relentless sun and it would push any car to its limits.

There are numerous smaller tracks all around it with corrugated surfaces. To the South of the track there is a smaller track with two 311 Metre straights, corrugated surfaces and banked corners.

There is a complex of buildings nearby as well, which could be where all the smart people work on magic science computers to make the cars gooder.

Following the long dirt road back to the main road reveals a gate marked as "Private".

So what has kept this remarkable place secret for so long? Aliens? Possibly! Spy Planes? Maybe! Hotel? Trivago!

If you would like to explore for yourself the coordinates are: "29°04'06.9"S 19°50'50.4"E"

Let me know in the comments what you think this could be.

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  • Is this, where they tested the Diesel-emissions-cheating-device?

      2 years ago
  • Brilliant!

      2 years ago
  • I was in school in Upington to 2003. And we once where allowed to climb into a test Veyron back in 2001. Its was super cool.

      5 months ago