The levels of passive aggressiveness exceed safe levels

4y ago

The levels of passive aggressiveness vary here - but are always high.

Diagrams and instructions on being a better person:


I'm not entirely sure I understand this one:

Where is the real Spot, though?

A fair amount of effort went into this:

Two people left notes on this car:

This builds and builds to a slightly weird ending. But don't smoke. Or park badly:

Simple suggestion for new year's resolution:

Generic plea on behalf of all humanity:

Not strictly a windshield note:

They didn't just print it, they did diagrams on their computer:

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  • My girlfriend is disabled, but hates using her wheelchair because people seem to behave like wheelchair users are completely incapable of even basic conversation. So I will use her disabled badge when we park up somewhere and she has to walk, as every step is painful for her. So it really infuriates me when people who have no disability park in a disabled space.

    I stick one of these on the windscreen:

      4 years ago
    • Another thing that really pisses me off, is the fact Mummy & Baby bays are now closer to the shop entrance than most disabled bays. being disabled is not a choice, have children is. I've complained to a few local supermarkets and basically...

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        4 years ago
    • Not only is it a choice, but the need for special parking has a much shorter duration than for just about all disabilities save broken limbs. All children grow up. Not all disabilities heal.

        4 years ago
  • I have about the smallest car on the roads at the moment - a metro. So when two idiots in their range rover's had parked over both sides of a parking space the other day, blocking everyone else from using it in a busy car park, i just squeezed in between them. They had to wait for me to come back to get in - and they weren't happy... Maybe they won't do it again...

      4 years ago
    • Did that with my Fiat 126 too!😂

        3 years ago
    • Had similar myself this past Sunday, a van in front and I came along, saw a driveway with a "No Parking" sign - so ensured I was not blocking said driveway. Came back in the prevening, to find some knob (in an Astra estate no less!) had squeezed...

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        3 years ago
  • How about this one: If you f**k like you park, YOU'LL NEVER GET IT IN.

      4 years ago
    • 4 years ago
  • i don't waste my time writing love letters, i just spray WD40 on the windshield. keep a bottle in your car, it really comes handy, very very handy😈😈😈

      4 years ago