- Image: Tesla

See the world through the "eyes" of Tesla's new Autopilot

The new update of Tesla's software "Autopilot" comes with plenty of new features. To be able to take exits, change lanes and overtake, all autonomously, the car uses data from eight cameras, twelve ultrasonic sensors and a front radar.

Visualised data processing

A passionate Tesla hacker has now created a video of a multiple camera view, paired with a real-time data overlay of how the Tesla "sees" its surrounding. The fascinating footage shows the signal of six cameras plus what the software does to handle the information. The vast amount of data storage necessary to create the video forced the hacker to reduce the frame rates to a minimum. And even then, he hit the limits of his equipment as he tells us in the YouTube description.

As you can see, Autopilot 9 likes to put boxes around everything and thinks our roads are green. Should you ever find yourself trapped in a box, please contact Tesla (no, don't).

You are still the driver

Even though the new update of Tesla's software allows a staggering number of autonomous functions, there is still no reason to think that any time soon, cars could be able to drive themselves. It is still never a good idea to read a newspaper or to take a nap when you sit behind the steering wheel while getting about, as long as you are not Bill Pullman in a winged Winnebago.

Image: Puzant via Imgur

Are you happy with the rapid progress of car technology?

Or do you prefer classic cars, where high-tech means it has power steering?