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As car manufacturers are working to develop their autonomous driving technology, the entertainment industry are getting ready for the day when your car drives itself.

Intel announced last week that they will be partnering with entertainment company Warner Bros to to study and develop special entertainment for driverless vehicles.

CEO Brian Krzanich made the announcement Wednesday at the LA Auto Show. Warner Bros will help create an experience for a concept car that aims to demonstrate what entertainment in autonomous vehicles could look like in the future.

Intel Corporation CEO Brian Krzanich and Thomas Gewecke, Warner Bros. chief digital officer and executive vice president, at Automobility LA on Wednesday, Nov. 29, 2017, in Los Angeles. (IMAGE: INTEL CORPORATION)

“While the possibilities of in-cabin entertainment are fun to imagine, the ultimate test for the future of autonomous cars is going to be winning over passengers. The technology will not matter if there are no riders who trust and feel comfortable using it.

“From entertainment to safety systems, we view the autonomous vehicle as one the most exciting platforms today and just the beginning of a renaissance for the automotive industry.” Intel’s CEO Brian Krzanich wrote in the Intel Newsroom.

They will create a concept car, called the AV Entertainment Experience, which will showcase the potential for entertainment in an autonomous driving world.