Self-driving cars are now testing on public roads with no-one in the driver seat


2y ago


Waymo is the evolution of the Google Self-driving project from 2009. The next step taking place is testing the self-driving cars on the public roads with no-one in the driver's seat.

"After more than eight years of testing and development, we're ready to unlock the potential of fully self-driving technology, so we can make it easier and safer for everyone to get around." - Waymo

The nice upbeat calming music playing in the background of this video, whilst the car calmly drives around a suburban area in America doesn't really fill me with the utmost confidence that the car is ready for the 'real-world.'

I'll only be fully confident of a self-driving car taking me home, if it can I can communicate with it whilst completely hammered and it can handle the ridiculously laid out roads of the UK.

For example, I'm not confident the Waymo self-driving car can handle the Swindon magic roundabout (see above) with a lot of angry Christmas shoppers cutting across each other and beeping.

Until the time in about 30 years when the majority of cars on the roads are self-driving, there is a huge amount of time where angry commuters, boy-racers, Sunday drivers and Tesco car parkers will all confuse the poor little Waymo with their less than perfect driving manners.

You can watch the witchcraft below:


Video courtesy to Waymo

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  • A demonstration of selfdriving cars in on suburban streets is a piece of cake for these robotic cars. But the swindon roundabout would be a real test. But a test on small german country roads at rush hour, especially in Bavaria or Saxony, without any marks or signs on or beside the road, that would be a real demonstration. I am still sceptic! And by the way, who wants such a selfdriving car? If you don't want to drive by yourself, take the bus! Or the railway! Or a taxi!

      2 years ago
    • This is the thing. I would like to see em do a tour through Paris, London, Amsterdam.. you name it. See How they handle that, or unexpected behaviour on the highway. As soon as they do that, i’d feel less tense about them joining in to the...

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        2 years ago
  • I would still feel safer on the roads with self driving cars over a lot of the idiots I see driving everyday. At least autopilot wont be texting, or drunk, or road raging.

      2 years ago
    • or having any sort of fun... yeah right

        2 years ago
    • Oh I still want to be able to drive, I just like the idea of not having to all the time. I also live in America, we have the worst drivers in the world.

        2 years ago
  • In 20 years time I'm gonna be that one guy still driving his by-then-70-year-old Mini and running it on biofuel because none of the service stations sell petrol anymore. I'll be able to get away with it because programmed cars won't break the law, meaning there will be no need for traffic police officers. So FUCK YOU WORLD IMMA DAILY A CLASSIC

      2 years ago


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