Self-driving cars are now testing on public roads with no-one in the driver seat

1y ago


Waymo is the evolution of the Google Self-driving project from 2009. The next step taking place is testing the self-driving cars on the public roads with no-one in the driver's seat.

"After more than eight years of testing and development, we're ready to unlock the potential of fully self-driving technology, so we can make it easier and safer for everyone to get around." - Waymo

The nice upbeat calming music playing in the background of this video, whilst the car calmly drives around a suburban area in America doesn't really fill me with the utmost confidence that the car is ready for the 'real-world.'

I'll only be fully confident of a self-driving car taking me home, if it can I can communicate with it whilst completely hammered and it can handle the ridiculously laid out roads of the UK.

For example, I'm not confident the Waymo self-driving car can handle the Swindon magic roundabout (see above) with a lot of angry Christmas shoppers cutting across each other and beeping.

Until the time in about 30 years when the majority of cars on the roads are self-driving, there is a huge amount of time where angry commuters, boy-racers, Sunday drivers and Tesco car parkers will all confuse the poor little Waymo with their less than perfect driving manners.

You can watch the witchcraft below:

Video courtesy to Waymo

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