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This was our FIRST ever time attending SEMA - and man was it overwhelming. There was so much to see, check out, and people to talk to we barely captured 35% of the show - YAH there was WAY more. In the meantime, check out some of the favorites at this year's 2018 #SEMA Event!



Day 1 was already pretty overwhelming the second we stepped into the convention center. As Media, we got an exclusive look at some of the new products being offered out in our automotive industry. As muscle car owners, we were pleased to see some really awesome new stuff for the American scene popping up - but to be honest, most of the new products were built for the truck scene. After we walked the "New Products" area, we headed downstairs to walk the actual showroom in South Hall.


We walked a majority of the event on the first day - A total of 12 miles combined between Danny and I (6 miles each). We STILL hadn't seen everything. Every time we re-entered a hall, we would stumble across something different! There was so many booths, cars, vendors, everything that there was no way to take it all in 2 days. So next year, we're going to be out there EVEN longer!

Why No Consumers should EVER go to SEMA

Ok - so do you remember awhile ago we did a video on "Is Sema Dying?" (WATCH IT HERE) - there are some things we want to take back. We never realized just how MANY buyers actually attend this event - and how CRUCIAL some of these deals are. For example, we spoke with one of our friends who owns a performance shop. He told us,, the LAST thing Sema needs to consumers walking around - why? Because they interrupt multi-million dollar deals. Us: "What do you mean?" Him: "When consumers are running around trying to buy the latest directly from a manufacturer, it cuts down time on negotiations with a buyer. Trust me, an exhibitor here would rather be making deals with Buyers over a single consumer. We need the time to talk face-to-face without interruption."

It's an idea we never really understood until we were there. I get it now! SEMA is absolutely a B2B event ONLY - due to so many people, I think they should cut it down even more! By this I mean, not allowing Spouses to receive passes unless they work in the business, limiting how many badges exhibitors give to their employees, ect. ect. Why? Because there was SO many people you could BARELY move in some places. It, again, was a very overwhelming show.

This is just DAY 1 - Stick around to see Day 2 going live Tomorrow!


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  • So has anybody in the office decided which manufacturer had the best display yet? Can't wait to see part 2!

      1 year ago
  • Great video. All the noise lead to this great narrated video. A sort of happy accident!

      1 year ago