- The Stolen Dodge Challenger. Pictures from Quintin Brothers Auto and Performance Facebook Page.

SEMA car stolen, used in police chase, and then recovered in time for showcase

What a story this is...

1y ago

A highly modded, 'Scat Pack' Dodge Challenger prepared for SEMA by the Quinton Brothers was stolen just before its debut. It then proceeded to be involved in a quite dramatic police chase and eventually ended up back on the stand for its display.

The car was stolen a week before the show, it was being shipped in a trailer and while the driver was asleep in a hotel at a scheduled stop on route for delivery, the thief showed up in a stolen truck, hitched the trailer on it and then drove away. The thief drove the trailer to a nearby location, unloaded and took off.

The Quinton Brothers were made aware of the crime the following morning, but their concerns turned towards the show.

The search began, the trailer was soon found thanks to people on social media following the story.

After tracking down the car for the first time, a police chase followed in which the driver escaped after topping out at nearly 150mph. Then, when discovered for the second time, a second chase would be the ultimate undoing of the criminal.

Unfortunately, in order to bring the car to a hault, police initiated a road block and the car-crook attempted to ram his way through the blockade. The Police eventually found the car and after serving as evidence, was swiftly transported by the Las Vegas Police Department to SEMA.

Recently, the Police announced that the suspected thief was caught after being involved in a shooting. The car still fires up and runs, and will hopefully be fixed in time to be driven in the parade at the end of the show, and will then be returned to the owner, good as new.

Pic from Quintin Brothers Auto and Performance Facebook page

Pic from Quintin Brothers Auto and Performance Facebook page

Craziest show car story ever? what do you think?

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Comments (37)

  • I think the real heroes were the police, not only they recovered the car in time but they were also thoughtful enough that they allowed the company to showcase the car

      1 year ago
  • Holly crap. What did they think to do with that car?

    It seems to become a trend stealing high end cars stored in trailers in the last few years. There are nearly no more shows anymore without reports of stolen cars.

    Just a shame.

      1 year ago
  • that's going to be the coolest thing on the show

      1 year ago
  • PS: talk about extra free publicity !!

      1 year ago
  • Still a beauty. Black eye just adds character.

      1 year ago