SEMA's Most Confusing Build

A $325K GTR with a Indy Car engine, Drift car drive line and a head unit straight out of an eBay auction.

Here at StreetFX Motorsport we have built some pretty out there cars in our time, from a video game themed HSV to our VR38 powered Toyota 86, but nothing could prepare us for what we stumbled across at SEMA 2018, our winner for the award of SEMA's most out there and confusing build.

Many of the issues and confusions with this car's build are best show through the above video however we will look into some of the glaring problems and strange choices below.

From a far, the car was eye catching. A wild body kit in a beautiful bright red, a big wing, and an exposed engine bay sporting a twin turbo Indy Lights car engine. We had to take a closer look at this potential beast.

As we got closer, that's where the worries began. Let me start off by saying, we don't want to pick on someone's build, and do respect people's ideas and intentions when it comes to both performance and show cars, however with this being on display at the world's biggest Motorsport showcase, a certain level of quality is expected.

Sadly, upon inspection, this build did not bring that quality in all its aspects. Let me be clear, this article and video does not reflect opinions on or the quality of the companies that supplied parts for this build, they simply sold parts to the builder of the car.

Digital side mirror cameras with carbon inserts in painted in what looks to be Rattle Can Black.

Digital side mirror cameras with carbon inserts in painted in what looks to be Rattle Can Black.

The strangest thing about this build, and where majority of the confusion stems from is that this car is in theory, a cool idea. For example, this car sports Seibon Carbon. Seibon Carbon is a very good brand, the carbon they produce is beautiful and to a high standard of workman ship.

The way the carbon in the '35Hundred' build was used in this build shows that this was either not finished or a rush job. To use Seibon Carbon in this way is a waste of something that is usually represented in high quality builds.

What leads me to believe that this build isn't finished furthermore is the choice of gear shifter and electronics supplied in the cockpit. They seem so cheap and underwhelming for a $325K performance/show car.

The issues of workmanship continue into the roll cage. There are dregs from the welding process that haven't been sanded down and have just been painted over. The design of the cage is not standard and has many bends that would weaken its structural integrity.

The "GTR 35Hundred" was not in a state that we would personally present at SEMA. We would like to believe they simply ran out of time, but sadly it seems this was the finished product as they were pushing it as a 'for sale' product.

Hopefully in future we see this either finished to a standard suitable for SEMA or see this company come back to a future SEMA event with something amazing. There is clearly man-hours and money put into this build which is why it's a shame it is in the condition we saw.

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