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  • I’m having a bit of a crap week this week. My mum has terminal cancer and she’s just been moved to a hospice. Probably has about 2 days to live, so something to cheer me up would be awesome. I love board games and I’ve seen Colditz in shops - looks interesting - so that’d be great. I’d also love to build that model v8 with my genius son(he’s 8 but he’s absurdly clever) oh and I love Lego so the Mustang would help take my mind off things... 🤔 not asking for all three, whichever is going spare would make my day. Even better if you could sign whichever you felt like parting with. I totally understand if someone is more deserving though so no worries. 😕

    18 days ago
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    • O dear, if that is true, I’m very sorry...

      18 days ago
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    • Yeah, it’s been coming for a long time, but it doesn’t make it any easier. Horrible, horrible way to go. 😕

      18 days ago
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  • Well, being the LEGO Tribe leader and a broke student who can barely afford food, living in a doghouse that doubles as an imaginary garage, I think I should take the LEGO Mustang as my imaginary ride.

    19 days ago
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