Senna: What Happened?

A Documentary Answers How The Legend Passed Away

1y ago

Senna. The name that resembles Formula One. A legend came, saw, conquered then left without a farewell speech. Left the sport, the fans, and the world in shock just like his speed.

Just like many other F1 fans, we all saddened by the death of one of the sports all-time greats if not the greatest and for that we want answers. So, we have put together this short documentary to answer the question "What happened?"

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  • Must have run over some debris during the SC.

    Either that or the temperatures dropped too low under the awfully slow Opel SC, and so did the pressures.

    This led to his car being lower than it should’ve been; evident from the sparks it was creating before the crash.

    The other cars however managed to race normally though so it looks like he had a slow puncture which reduced the pressure.

    When he got to Tamburello the car was so low it bottomed out, he lost steering because of it and went straight into the wall. A tyre came back, hit him on the head, killing him.

    Had the tyre not hit him, he didn’t have one single injury. None.

    The Williams team were later brought to court on allegations the steering column had failed, but it wasn’t the case.

    What a tragedy.

      1 year ago