- Pic Credit: stocknewspress.com

Sentry Mode: Tesla’s Security System That Catches Thieves

Last month Tesla introduced Sentry Mode - a feature that uses the car's cameras to catch thieves breaking into cars. Even though the feature is brand new, it’s proving very effective.

How does it work? The cameras (on the car's body) are in standby mode when the car is parked, and when there is activity close to the car, the cameras switch on and start recording. It records for 10 mins before and after the incident with the intent to catching the perpetrator in the act.

A blogger showing the system in action. Pic Credit: teslarati.com

For some people in the USA this feature has already had effect, with owners passing footage recorded by their teslas on to the police.

If Tesla can get proprietary rights for Sentry Mode (they may well have already) and make the software available to other brands as a small hardware package, it could be hugely popular. After all - who doesn’t want a safer car?