47w ago


The service indicator told me a few hundred miles ago a service was due, but it was hard to find the time needed to work on it.

Item number one, the rear silencer.

The rear silencer had become quite corroded and was in dire need of a new one. I was surprised over the amount of rust, even the bracket was destroyed.

​Next on the list was the Air filter, Oil filter, oil change and cabin filter. On replacing the air filter, I discovered a problem.

​To my surprise, I found oil in the air filter. Investigating more, I found this was coming from the oil separator that site on top of the engine. Oil was in the air induction pipe, going into the turbo and into the engine. Taking the dust cover off the engine I could see everything covered in oil.

Oil caked onto the head

I worked for hours cleaning and replacing the parts. The sump plug was overtightened and so was the oil filter cover.

​looking at the condition of some of the parts I removed, I question if they were even replaced in the last service.

There are a few more things to clean and some more work to be done, however I was pushed for time. I'm pleased with the work i've done, as I don't fully trust garages in my area. There is alot of satisfation (and some fustration) over doing the work yourself, on a nice summers day.

The final result

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