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Seven of the India's best road trips

Here are 7 best road trips you should definitely do in India!

2y ago

A road trip is something you experience and feel, and not just the one you take! It energizes your soul and awakens you. With every mile you travel, you shed off all worries and sadness and experience happiness and freedom. A road trip in a dark spooky hour or on a bright sunny day will give you an experience one of its kind. When you realise nature has so much in store for you, your love for her will increase with each mile you cover. Now, lets move on to the 7 best road trips you should definitely do in India!

1. The Dil Chahta Hai way - Mumbai to Goa:

This road trip needs no introduction! Driving on NH17 is a pleasure, and the picturesque route has the answer to all your nature and food related cravings! It is around 604kms and takes about 10 hours to complete the journey.

2. Pink City to the Land of Roaring Tiger – Jaipur to Ranthambore:

The highway that leads to Ranthambore from the Pink City is as scenic as it gets, it’s a unique blend of blooming mustard fields and completely empty spaces. It is around 145kms and takes about 3 hours to have an eventual date with the Tiger!

3. The World of Tea – Chennai to Munnar:

If you are someone who doesn’t like the steamy weather, make sure you visit Munnar for its windy road trip and pleasant weather. You can bring out the adventure junkie in you or simply learn the art of making tea!

4. From Concrete Jungle to the Valley of Gods – Delhi to Manali:

With every kilometer that you clock, the stretch just gets cooler and is ideal for all those who love serene valleys and snow-capped mountains. Also, this place is a bliss for adventure junkies wherein you can improve your trekking, paragliding, skiing or rafting skills!

5. The Golden Triangle – Delhi to Agra to Jaipur:

Start your journey from Delhi and drive to Agra via Yamuna Expressway, it is one of the countries finest roads. Here, you can explore palaces and forts! And also, relish a meal at Chokhi Dhani!

6. The Dream Road Trip – Manali to Leh:

Manali Leh Highway is the road that leads you to heaven on Earth – Leh! It is one of the highway that offers almost everything nature has to offer to an adventure lover. It is a journey of around 500 kms and guarantees you mesmerizing beauty.

7. The most beautiful hill station - Dehradun to Nainital:

It is nestled between the Himalayan peak and Naini Lake, and is a picture perfect combination of lakes and mountains! It is a distance of around 280 kms but will definitely leave you wanting for more!

So, what are you guys waiting for? Pack your bags, fuel up your drive, buckle up and hit the road!

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      2 years ago
    • Well, most of these trips are in the North, and that's a long way away from the South where I live.

      Been to Nainital and Munnar though, and they are right-on fantastic.

      Goa: yes, but not been there through the road mentioned.

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        2 years ago