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Liberty Media are keen to get a few more bangs for their bucks. Here are a few ideas for them..

3y ago

If you watched last weekends United States Grand Prix, then you may have noticed that new F1 owners, Liberty Media, are trying out some new ideas to bring a bit more to the F1 show.

Their first attempt was to add a bit of Hollywood to the pre-race procedure, which saw the drivers all coming on as if they were about to take part in a remake of Rocky IV, while a boxing commentator struggled with various name pronunciations. Some liked it, Twitter reaction from fans on the whole though was NOT good.

So, we thought we’d look at a few ways to not only bring in a few changes but to up the action level and maybe even things out a bit.

In no particular order, here are seven we have come up with…


Picture from Bild

Picture from Bild

As reported by German newspaper Bild, plans may be afoot to alter the traditional two by two staggered grid line up, by putting the cars alongside each other and three wide.

This instantly closes them all up and makes turn one at any given race more fun.

Monaco especially would be quite interesting, though as the Bild mock-up shows, you’d need thirty cars at the start to ensure you’d have some left to survive the carnage.


Graham Hill or Dick Dastardly?

Graham Hill or Dick Dastardly?

There might be a need for a bit more flexibility from the stewards on this suggestion.

Before the start, each driver can pick a way to give the car behind a bit of a hard time, probably to be used only once per race, otherwise, bar the pole-sitter, they’d all be out on lap one.

Tin tacks, oil jettison, smoke screens or flame throwers, the options are endless and would make fabulous TV.


This should sort the men out from the boys

This should sort the men out from the boys

Good timing this one, what with Aston Martin increasing their presence in F1.

As already successfully tested on their DB5 road car, the innovation pictured above would be well suited for when the Force India pair next come up against each other on track.

There are plenty of other ideas of course, though what with their stance on road safety, we feel the FIA may draw the line at onboard machine-guns or rocket launchers.


It still probably wouldn't slow them much

It still probably wouldn't slow them much

A double whammy this one. Success ballast is added by way of a family caravan.

Further success ballast comes in the form of placing human beings inside, who would no doubt pay handsomely for such a close experience of F1 racing.

Simple and profitable.


What could possibly go wrong?

What could possibly go wrong?

The Lotus F1 team tested this out a few years back by having an articulated truck jumping an F1 car at full speed.

Unfortunately, Health and Safety were not so keen on this one, so some less hazardous challenges could be introduced.

Custard pies being lobbed at drivers during pit stops, power hoses aimed at them on the main straight or simply turning the lights off at random moments during the Singapore Grand Prix.

With a bit of imagination, this could be a goer.


Would Max go here?

Would Max go here?

The subject of the day. Drivers say that we should replace tarmac run off areas with grass or gravel.

That is SO 1990's.

Our plan? Fill them with water and sharks who have not been fed for a week.


We need this man back in F1

We need this man back in F1

It does what it says on the tin.

End of.

Do you have any plans for the future of F1? Stick your idea in the comments below!

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Comments (65)

  • Heres my idea. Radio comunication between drivers...but only if they within 1 sec gap and only for a driver at the back. So, lets say if Kimi is behind Bottas. Kimi could say...U r a *u know yourselves*.Bottas could not reply, so he would have to let Kimi pass in order to reply to his comment. We would have more overtakes and moro fun watching.

      3 years ago
  • FFS, just go back to awesome sounding, uncomplicated naturally aspirated V8's, V10's or even V12's. Its not a step backwards if its what everyone wants. Nobody cares about, ERS, MGUK's MGUH etc etc. Manufacturers claim this is the way forward for road cars. F1 aint road cars. I don't see multiple element wings on road cars. I don't have to change my turbo after every shopping trip. Nothing compares to standing meters away from a proper V8/V10 at full chat. Nothing

      3 years ago
    • i agree with everything here in addition I want to see more pitstops....they make the tires now so that they can do 1 or 2 stops........lets make them only last so that they have to do 3 or 4 stops in a race and refueling

        3 years ago
    • Spot on!

        3 years ago
  • 1: Maximum 5 meters long, 2 meters wide and a meter tall. Engines in the rear third, cockpit in the middle third, nose in the front third. What ever the teams want to do inside that box is up to them.

    2: A somewhat realistic fuel consumption and evil gasses limit. Otherwise do what they like in engine size and number of cylinders. Engines will be restricted to the lowest current noise limit of that seasons list of tracks

    3: Full comms between driver and pit at all times.

    4: No physical updating on the car the whole season, except ounce in the middle of the season. Do what they like between seasons.

    5: All drivers recieve same pay and get a cash bonus based on results, both after each race and after season finale. Bonuses is payed by the massive advertising machine.

    6: Maximum budget limit for teams. Budgets is handled by a separate accounting company with no relations to the specific team. Any cheating results in a €1 mio. fine which is payed to the advertisers and a 2 year ban from F1 for the team and car brand(s. Like Honda/Mclaren). If more than 30% of the cheating team is joining another team together, it's considered cheating too for the new team, unless it can be proven that the team members didn't have anything to do with the cheating.

    Don't know if it's realistic but I would watch it!

      3 years ago
  • Smaller wings, full ground effect, one set of durable tyres per weekend, no drs, no wet tyres, no grid penalties, flip a coin to decide which way they go round the track. Back to two quality sessions, one on Friday one on Saturday.

      3 years ago
    • I like the track direction thing...

        3 years ago
    • tracks cant go in reverse. The run off and barriers are not configured for this, Great idea. and it would make for some truly awesome races. FIA are too blinkered to see this

        3 years ago
  • This for top 6 qualifiers

      3 years ago