Seven supercars rendered as city-cars is the only way to commute

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Comments (56)

High end hugely expensive supercars and luxo-barges are usually very large and possibly a bit unwieldy to drive in a city environment, in so much they are not really that well suited to the tight confines of a packed metropolis at all.

To date, only one high-end car maker has attempted to make a tiny city car with somewhat terrible results (thank for that Aston Martin), but now, a true hero has reworked a bunch of supercars for the city and they could be the greatest thing we've ever seen.

Koenigsegg Agera R

While we are unsure if company chief Christian von Koenigsegg would approve of this city version of the Agera – it does have enough cool about it to make you want to head to the city, and after all, it’s a way better option than any public transportation.

McLaren 720S (360S)

A V8 powered city car with twin-turbos and 710bhp, yes please! Have no doubt that this tiny McLaren would buzz you around the city of London at a never before seen level of pace.

One thing McLaren would have to get right though is the name, as its half size, we reckon the 360S is a good starting point.

Ferrari 812 Superfast (406 Notquiteasfast )

The Ferrari 812 Superfast literally lives up to its name with 789bhp of maximum attack power coming from its naturally aspirated V12 motor. Even in city form, we reckon it could easily get a lick on around town, even if it no longer lives up to the ‘Superfast’ part of its name.

Bugatti Chiron

The full-sized Chiron packs some 1500ps from its 8.0-litre quad turbo motor which is enough to upset the environmentalists in any city.

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This pint-sized version though retains much of the menace of the original car while looking easy to drive around a city at some speed.

Bentley Continental GT (City Tour )

The full-sized Conti GT is capable of crossing a continent in comfort and a mass of style without breaking a sweat.

This tiny city version should also be fully capable of doing the same thing on a much smaller scale, but again with all of the style and comfort as standard.

Lamborghini Aventador (Giovane Toro )

Lamborghini has a habit of naming all of their cars after famous bulls, and this mini Aventador would be no exception.

As ‘Baby Bull’ in Italian is ‘Giovane Toro,’ it could be the coolest name for a car ever until somebody asks you what it means in English., at which point all the cool unravels.

Rolls Royce Phantom

The Phantom is one of the biggest luxo-barges money can buy. But, as it’s a difficult car to drive around a city at the best of times making this mini version the next best thing.

Complete with suicide doors and all, this mini-Phantom would be the most opulent method of visiting Harrods, although you may need a second one to bring back all of your new purchases.

Which of these city cars would be your pick to buzz around town in? Let us know in the comments.

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Comments (56)
  • Only Ferrari and lambo looks ugly..(means for me they are really supercars) :)

    2 hours ago
  • This Bentley is lit🔥🔥

    3 hours ago
  • The smart chiron 😂

    15 hours ago
  • Don't give the manufacturer's idea's remember the Aston Martin cygnet.

    1 day ago
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    • yuk, although if you have a good one they are worth the same as when they were new....

      1 day ago
  • No no no! Absolutely not! These cars are know for their exquisiteness their class, speed and superb performance. I’m sorry but turning that into a city car that’s affordable defeats the whole purpose of them. We are support to look at them admire them love them not have them. Unless you have the money to buy them.

    1 day ago
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