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Seven un-glamorous convertibles that made our skin crawl

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We were so surprised that these seven cars had their roofs chopped off, seeing as they wouldn't be the first choice for a car to chill in. Some of these cars worked fine before the beheading and some where just bad full stop. So here is the seven that hit the top of the cringe list and made our eyes water - never mind the feeling in my stomach. And no, that isn't the wind in your hair, it's a Tesco bag caught on your ear.

1. The Nissan Micra C+C

Credit: https://parkers-images.bauersecure.com

The standard third-gen Micra was pretty fugly to start off with - those bug eyes and cute body-bumps wasn't fooling anyone back in the early 2000s. Then in 2005, they decided to chop its head off, thinking 'Yes, of course, that's what customers want from us!'. Well, you'd be wrong there. At £15,000 and with a roof that took a century to fold away, you would be hard pressed to buy one. Remember that neon pink one from Top Gear? You really do need a paper bag to drive it, with no eye-holes if you bought the car, preferably.

2. The Citroen C3 Pluriel

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Sadly, the C3 back in the 2000s suffered a similar blow, with the Pluriel they did something very, very different. Different doesn't mean good either in this case as the convertible roof was manual... and I really do mean that. You had to psychically take the roof off by hand, that includes the folding cloth roof, the support struts on either side and then find room to put them in. By this time, the sun has gone, the rains are slowly making their way to you and you stare emptily onwards, seeing someone driving in their Mazda Mx5. Guess which one is still made today? Of course, it's the Mazda.

3. The Chrysler PT Cruiser

Another Y2K nightmare here, retro was the word when Chrysler created the PT Cruiser, after a rocky patch in the American motor industry. With its styling stolen from hot rods of old, this car in general is insulting that heritage by just being around. The standard car with a solid roof looks so cramped that you would think taking the top off would help, well that would be a massive nope! You now can pick up a used PT Cruiser for a measly £1000 online, which clearly shows its value and that is not value for money either - don't buy one. Want a modern hot rod with no roof? Go for its spiritual brother, the Plymouth Prowler.

4. Rolls Royce Phantom Drophead Coupe

Even luxury cars get it wrong sometimes too. With it being one of the most expensive Rolls Royce models at the time of production, you would think it;s absolutely stunning. Well, in yellow, it's most definitely... erm, striking? In any colour, this luxury beast isn't very good looking, its garish styling was clearly made for blind businessmen and footballers alike. The combination of retro styling with modern technology doesn't quite work: LED lights with a wooden dash and suicide doors isn't really cutting it for us. It belongs in the past, especially with that grill - gag!

5. The Subaru WRX STI custom convertible

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Wow, now that is something really, really messed up - and you'd be right on that. There has been many model types of the Impreza over the years, but this one really takes the biscuit - a convertible 2011 WRX STI scoobie. In Manchester, New Hampshire (USA), a custom convertible Subaru was made, and it even comes with a metal plaque, stating where it was converted - Newport Speciality cars: Placentia, California, January 2011. Since then it has been for sale online back in 2017, the asking price was $26,967, but we don't know if it sold at all, as no information is available anymore. As much as I love the Impreza, this is one that shouldn't have seen the light of day - it's a right monster.

6. The Saab 900

Saab was something special. They designed jet planes and created cars for architects and engineers, they were on the upper levels of motoring geekdom - so finding something so rank from them is a bit of a shocker. Don't get me wrong, no Saab is a looker, but they never made my eyes psychically want to run away, until I saw one of these on the roads the other day - a 1994 convertible Saab 900. Shame that the electric Saab 9-3 Aero didn't happen, might have clawed it back.

7. The Rover 100 Cabriolet

This has to be the king of our ugly ducklings though, because this car was such a crock to start off with, we didn't think they could make it any worse - cue the Cabriolet version of the Rover 100. Back in 1997, the Rover 100 was the worst rated car in the EuroNCAP tests with a lowly one out of five stars - so it's not just a fugly car, it's a death trap. With the rise of the Ford Fiesta and its bigger brother - the Rover 200 - the little 100 didn't stand a chance. Did they really think making it a soft-top convertible would be a selling feature to beat the rest? Oh dear...

So, that is a list that might upset you for the rest of your day, but remember all the beautiful convertibles that are around, think happy thoughts - just be glad you aren't one of these cars.




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