Shady underbelly of Miami's supercar rental scene uncovered

17w ago


In the world of social media, becoming "Insta-famous" drives many people to live a life less ordinary. Unfortunately, and perhaps unsurprisingly, it also drives shady characters to behave badly.

This fascinating documentary from Vice gets under the skin of Miami's supercar rental scene, where big organisations supply exotic motors to the rich, the famous and the wannabes, and shady characters blur the lines of legality – and in many cases brazenly overstep it.

It's well worth watching all the way through as David Zanone's story is flipped on its head. However, you can't help feel some sympathy for the guy when he says: "I just want to be liked. I’m a nobody who wants to be a somebody."

It's both intriguing and sad seeing just how desperate people can be to feel like they're worth something. What starts out as a seemingly superficial look at exotic car rentals actually has a deeper underlying story throughout.

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  • This dude must've just not gotten enough love as a kid or something. People just need to be happy with who they are, and just hang out with those that are too. Celebrity life is way overrated.

    2 months ago
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  • Now THIS is interesting to watch, it's not the IG fad boys that interest me but the people who DEAL these people their "Fame Fix." Making buisness off of peoples dreams.

    2 months ago
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