Shark Infested Waters

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Tucked away in a sea of bland buildings, there is a small industrial park in Fremont, California, that keeps a great secret. It is the world renowned Porsche tuner and modifier SharkWerks.

Upon arrival, greeted with a handshake and smile, Alex Ross welcomed me into the office. With a glance you see that the walls are adorned with awards, and feature articles. These tell a decade long story of their many successes. Standing out among all this hard work was humor. From the Star Wars figure, the giant shark head, you can see that they can be the best and still have fun while doing it.

As soon as you walk into the workshop you are greeted with a famous project the SharkWerks / Magnus Walker 997 GT2. This car has graced the cover of numerous magazines and Youtube videos. With the Sharkified EVOMS EVT775, Signature turbo upgrade package, this 997 makes super cars nervous.

Its stable mate the SharkWerks modified 4.1 liter flat 6 GT3. This customer owned 911 was undergoing the final finishing touches. The modifications list was huge but the stand out for me was the Urban Outlaw - Fifthteen52 - wheels. See the video below to hear the roar of the 4.1 liter flat six!

The 4.1 liter coming too life

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The next car to grab my attention was a guards red 964 Carrera. Alex said they were able to squeeze some more horsepower out of the old girl and upgrade the brakes. I had to asked if they were going to start a new line of aircooled products? He said this cars is more of a personal project. SharkWerks main customer base is Porsche 997, 991, and Caymen owners.

To sum up the business, Alex, said it best: “We share our results, tell people what worked and what didn’t and help them get the most fun from their equipment. It’s a formula that has served SharkWerks well for more than seven years; if it’s not broken, leave it alone!”

The main take away was not the awesome cars but the guys that make up SharkWerks. Alex, Joan, Dan and James are the heart of the company. I have been in a ton of shops and it always comes down to one thing. Do the people working here love what they do? And with my short time here I saw a group of guys that not only love what they do, they take great pride in doing it.

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