Sharp electric turn for Mercedes-Benz with 6 new EQ models

The German manufacturer is going electric. Big time

Mercedes-Benz made an important strategic announcement yesterday, trumping somebody's dreams and probably fuelling somebody else's vision in the process. Long story short, they're going to build more electric cars and fewer ICEs. That's hardly news, I'm afraid.

They also said they're going to be unveiling a sequence of six EQ models, including the all-new EQS with over 700 km (around 440 miles) of range, in the next few years. The EQE and the EQS are going to be based on the E-Class and S-Class respectively and then they're also going to introduce the EQA - a GLA's electric variant - and the EQB.

Car manufacturers are facing the aftermath of the political decisions that were made over the last few years, which created a huge problem in terms of profitability and pushed them to churn out billions to develop electric technology. The brand wants to achieve growth for sub-brands like AMG and Maybach - and EQ of course - while also working to turn the G-Wagen into something that strongly looks like a standalone brand. I'd say that's good news.

Having said that, they also said that both the AMG and Maybach nomenclatures are going to be used for electric cars as the company continues the pursuit for what they call the "Ambition 2039 Target", an attempt to make the entire business carbon-neutral in the next twenty years.

Mercedes only sells one electric car at the moment, the EQC, which is not exactly exciting in my opinion. It's not as fast as most of its rivals, the range is not as good and it doesn't look special, which is actually my main criticism because I think they should've made it more intriguing.

The new EQS should take a couple of design cues from the Vision ATVR even though it is presumably going to look a lot more conventional and similar to the petrol and diesel-powered of the S-Class.

Have you driven the EQC, did you like it? Feel free to share in the comments

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Comments (6)

  • 700 miles of range. NOW we're talkin.

    No I have not driven, ridden in or even seen an EQC.

      8 months ago
  • Is it 700 miles of Km of range?

      8 months ago
  • There are many possible criticisms of the EQC but unlike Tesla/Jag equivalents it is luxurious. And who needs their family SUV to get to 60mph faster than 5.1 seconds?

      8 months ago
  • They still have to differentiate themselves from the other models. It looks exactly the same as it's ICE cousin.

      8 months ago
  • Yeeesssss. This is worth the wait. I'll have mine in black.

      8 months ago