'She was close, close enough to be your Ghost'

...but my chances turned to toast when I learnt the price tag

37w ago

You're going to have to excuse the mindless headline which I specifically used solely because it's a line out of one of my favourite Arctic Monkeys' songs titled 'Cornerstone'. Anyway, this is the Rolls-Royce Ghost and since you probably already know everything there is to know about it, I'm just gonna focus on an interesting definition that was used in the press release. Rolls-Royce say this is designed following their new 'minimalist Post-Opulent design philosophy'.

This is an on-point concept that we're going to find more and more because, pardon the repetition, less is more. It seems we have collectively decided, in this day and age, that we loathe excess and love minimalism. The new rich love to make a point of wearing a blank t-shirt and sneakers while the poor show-off. That's the idea and that's the appeal that Rolls-Royce want to have from here on in. I presume.

Blingy doesn't seem to work anymore and plain is the new thing to aspire to. And the trend has been going for years. The wealthiest person I ever met (that I'm aware of anyway) was a Croatian-born Canadian hedge-fund manager. I distinctly remember what he looked like. I met him in the lobby of a hotel in Pisa, I was his chauffeur, and he was wearing flip flops, a black t-shirt, black trunks and wearing a watch that doesn't look particularly expensive unless you're a watch enthusiast and know what it is*.

I'm not a potential Rolls-Royce customer, I'm not sure I'll ever be, but I'm not sure I subscribe to this party, if I'm being honest. I mean yes, I dislike tasteless and kitsch and yes, I totally agree that your lifestyle should be sustainable but if you can afford it, you should definitely enjoy your money because no one wants to be the "richest stiff in the cemetery", as Jude Law once said in the 2004 movie Alfie. But maybe that's exactly the point that Rolls-Royce want to make. I'm not sure they'll pull it off because with the best will in the world the Ghost is still a 5.4 m, 571-hp, £200,000+ leviathan but hey, they can at least try.

It's a Rolls-Royce, Jimmy, but not as we know it.

*Patek Philippe 5016P Minute Repeater, with a black dial. Join the Watch Tribe if you haven't, yo ;)

Minimalist vs conspicuous, what do you say?

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