Sheep in wolfs clothing

Looks can be deceiving

4y ago

This 1997 Audi A4 2.8 quattro is kinda special. No it isn't a fire breathing, monster turbo'd, insane BHP tarmac tearaway......But what it is, is something special to ME!

It's not the fastest kid on the block, only boasting a conservative 193bhp when it left the factory, but coupled with the famous Audi quattro four wheel drive system, this tired A4 still has the ability to earn you various points if driven swiftly and spiritedly. (And we are not talking about the sort of points that earn you prizes either)

Boasting 193 BHP when it left the factory


The most obvious modification is the race car inspired, tribute graphics, supplied and fitted by CCdesignvinyl, in homage to the legendary Frank Biela Touring car of circa 1996.

the legendary Frank Biela


The low stance is thanks to the Airlift Performance V2 air suspension set up, running 2 compressors and an air tank, it has its own place in the boot of the car and is wrapped in an eye catching Duracell battery design also by CCdesignvinyl.

Today, the engine and running gear remains stock, hence sheep in wolfs clothing, but who knows what the future brings?

It's not the fastest, lowest or cleanest and most definitely isn't everyones cup of tea, but who cares? I certainly don't! Its special to ME and isn't what having a modified car is all about?

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  • That's what you call 'battery powered'!

      4 years ago