Shelby GT86 Retro Love Affair for Toyota

This particular car was built as part of a throwback stunt from Toyota and debuted at the Goodwood Festival of Speed last year

4y ago

A few years ago now, Toyota launched their all new flagship sports coupe. This sports car was to be front engine and rear wheel drive with decades of heritage and pedigree going into the design and build. The vast majority of the heritage and pedigree, stemmed from the Toyota 2000GT and the Toyota Corolla AE86.

As such, the Toyota GT86 was born and as no strangers to performance cars, I was keen to get a drive in the new Toyota. Curtis Cars in Ballymena came up trumps after launch and not only gave me a test drive for review in one, but they also gave me the Toyota Racing Developments (TRD) car to test once it arrived in the showroom also.

Driving the GT86 for an hour or two here and there didn’t really do much for me, with the nature of the engine, there isn’t such a thing as instant, low down power. The engine needs to be revved hard to make the most of the GT86 and this is something I couldn’t bring myself to do and as such, I never fully explored the GT86 so was dismissive as to its true ability.

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