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Shelby Unveils two new Vehicles at SEMA

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Shelby and Ford have had a beautifully symbiotic relationship for decades now. Now that the time for SEMA has come upon us, Shelby have given us a very awesome little present. They've gone out and created not one, but two new models!

Photo: Shelby American

The first of those new models is the Dragon Snake. It's based on the GT500 platform, but the Shelby engineers have turned it into the ultimate drag strip machine! The core of the Dragon Snake is a 5.2 litre supercharged V8 making 760 hp (with the potential to go as high as 800!). The car also gets a retuned dual-cluch gearbox, as well as those very distinctive exterior modifications, huge brakes, unique wheels, redesigned suspension and high-flow cats. Shelby are even considering making a widebody version similar to what Dodge are offering right now with the Hellcat variants of the Charger and Challenger!

Photo: Shelby American

The second new model is the Super Snake Sport. This is a street truck packing 755 hp from its supercharged V8 and more than a few visual resemblances to the F150 SVT Lightning of old. Fans of that old truck will definitely love this, with its 3 door regular cab configuration, lowered suspension, beefed up brakes and visual enhancements galore! I can definitely imagine this truck being quite the contender at the drag strip or just something that, like its Lightning predecessor, would be a great hoon on the streets due to the, let's say, unique handling characteristics of having very little weight over the rear wheels!

Photo: Shelby American

These new vehicles from Shelby look absolutely fantastic and I have no doubt that they'll go down a storm with North American customers and specialist importers alike! The Super Snake Sport will especially go down a treat with those who have owned an SVT Lightning in any capacity, as it seems like it's the true spiritual successor to that truck. Regardless of what happens, it's pretty clear that Shelby are firing on all cylinders going into the end of 2019 and towards 2020!

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  • Holy cow that F-150 Super Snake 😍😍😍😍

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  • Aussie get utes, we get sport trucks

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