Shelf Life: The Tire Shop and Fire Station Diorama

2 great brand names Tomicarama and Matchbox join forces (shelflife tireshop firestation yokohamatireshop matchboxfirestation matchthebox)

Here is my 5th shelf display in my curio. The timing on the release of the Tomicarama Tire shop couldn't have been worst. The pandemic cause some travel ban between countries and that included postal service. When I was told my pre-order is in stock, I immediately paid for it and they indicated that it was shipped within the next 2 days. While monitoring the tracking after about 20 days, I was surprise that it indicated that it was being returned to sender. I quickly contacted the seller and was told that Japan post is stopping shipment of packages to other countries including the US. I was given an alternative to shipped via DHL and I can place another order. The problem was they don't have it in stock anymore. Long story short I waited till the package arrived at their facility which took more than a month and they finally shipped it to me after paying extra for the shipping.

The Matchbox fire station was a childhood toy which I found in my parents place. It was dusty and a bit dirty so I cleaned it as best as I can. It was still in good shape.

For more photos, click here.

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