SHmee150 and the TT cup

An interview with shmee150

Recently, Team EM got the opportunity to sit down with super car vlogger, turned racing driver Tim, better known as Shmee150 and have a little chat! We took the opportunity to ask him a series of questions all about his experience in the TT cup, his future plans for motorsport involvement and of course, his involvement with Youtube.

TEAM EM: Among the many ventures you pursue, racing is certainly up there with some of the most exciting! You’ve driven almost every super car under the sun, so why move into racing?

SHMEE: The super cars that I know and love are often derived from motorsport, they’re road going versions of the technologies that are developed and created through racing and through pushing the concept of moving four wheels around a track as fast as possible! I get to drive an awful lot of super cars but these cars now have performance capabilities vastly beyond what you can do on a public road or on a public highway, whereas motorsport gives you the opportunity to push and really start feeling the balance of a car. There’s so much more adrenaline involved, there’s more risk, there’s more reward, it’s a very different approach to I suppose, a very familiar concept, you’re holding a steering wheel and piloting a vehicle but it’s a very different way you go about it!

TEAM EM: Your first race was in the TT cup @ Hockenheim. As an experience it looked incredible! Is this the first of many races you plan to participate in now you’ve had a go first hand? Or is it simply a ‘one off’?

SHMEE: Audi invited me to take part in the TT cup at Hockenheim as a guest starter so this was my first ever I suppose competitive race although obviously being my first time out I wasn’t exactly, desperately competitive! But as an experience as you say, it was incredible, it was amazing to be part of that, the atmosphere, the drama, I can tell you now I’ve had an opportunity to do that it is definitely not going to be the last! It’s just a case of seeing what can fit, what opportunities perhaps come knocking and where I can go from here and get an opportunity to jump behind the wheel of a race car.

TEAM EM: As mentioned before, you’ve driven an unbelievable amount of super cars; Ferrari’s, Porsche’s, but a race car… That’s a whole different kettle of fish! So apart from the obvious. What made you really see the difference between the road car and the race car?

SHMEE: By complete coincidence, the week before the TT cup race, I had been with Audi at Jarama in Spain for the press launch of the TTRS. I think what was fascinating about that was how you have the road going TTRS, 400 Horse Power, 4 wheel drive, then you have the race track TT cup with 310 Horse Power and just driven by the front wheels, so theoretically both Audi TT’s look visually semi similar but of course on the cup car, even though you’re 90 Horse Power down, you have aerodynamics you can use that are set up for the track experience, you have of course slick tyres and the way the car is configured even though you know the race car is going to be substantially different from the road car, the set up makes you feel so much more in control and able to find that delicate balance of the car is capable of. So it really is a completely different kettle of fish. I think a lot of the differences are perhaps obvious but when you factor in the experience of driving such a car in a race environment it really adds up and makes this most incredible package!

TEAM EM: Youtube is obviously a major platform for yourself, your following is massive! Initially, it’s easy to say that your followers are only interested in road cars, however, has your recent racing activity aided in expanding your reach into a ‘Race-centric’ demographic or do the road car fans naturally follow the process and convert to an interest in racing as well?

SHMEE: One of the things that was very interesting was that the first time I uploaded video content about racing, the audience didn’t necessarily get it, they were expecting super car content of course, the usual video’s I’m producing! It’s taken a while but I think I’ve managed to persuade people to come on board and understand a little bit more about motorsport and how, when you’re creating content on much wider pieces of tarmac that’s not a road doesn’t mean it isn’t as fast as it looks and how much technical driving experience, technical driving skill, is required to get a race car around the circuit quickly. So the road car fans they’re immediately more attached to any kind of race car where there is a road variant, so to speak but it’s been interesting sort of explaining the story and trying to show why motorsport is so exciting and seeing the change in the audience as a result and growing, adapting to it over time.

TEAM EM: Finally, do we expect to see a more ‘race fuelled’ approach to your videos in the near future?

SHMEE: Without a doubt I would love to get more motorsport and racing into both my future experiences and the video content I create! Of course it’s quite difficult to attend events due to licensing and rights and what’s allowed but I certainly take a lot of inspiration from motorsport, the cars I’m sort of interested in myself are quite often the ones connected to cars that have succeeded out on the race circuit in different racing series, I certainly intend and aim to have more motorsport involvement in the future but we’ve got to see what opportunities arrive and make the most of them as and when they do!

It was an absolute pleasure to chat to Tim and listen to his experiences on the track. We can't wait to see what is in store in the near future!

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