Shocking Driving Caught On Dash Cam - St Anns, Nottingham

A shocked driver has captured the bizarre driving of a motorist in St Anns, Nottingham. In the footage the driver can be seen driving on the wrong side of the road around a pedestrian island and driving the wrong way around the roundabout.

Driver Louis Gee told Dash Cam Network "It looks like a man aged around 25-40. I just don’t understand what happened, it came out of know where and he went back to driving normally (ish) soon after. Drugs could be involved, or an EU driver"

"It’s not like he didn’t know how to drive because he did. Even if you drove without a license surely you’d know to stay on your side of the road especially on roundabouts

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  • Get a life you sad twats and learn how to spell aswell, there’s about 10 typos in this article..

    1 month ago
    • Grant, aswell is not a word. Also, it is not 'there's ' which is in fact 'there IS' , the correct nomenclature is 'there ARE'. Who is the TWAT now?

      9 days ago
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  • Think it was an European driver, maybe he just moved to the UK and first time driving an English car and got confused. I see it happening more often.

    I got mixed up the first time I was back home in the Netherlands, I drove even a Dutch car... 😊

    1 month ago


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