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Singapore GP - tHE TAMED lion

4y ago

Singapore GP has the bright lights, the big wheels and the glitz and glamour that everyone expects from an F1 event..............But what about racing? This year proved that unless it rains, this GP is as tame as a Lion without teeth.

So the racing might have been as exciting as a bungy jump from a height of 3ft, but that doesn't stop the average punter from hoping that this race continues on the F1 calendar long after the 2018 season. The bright lights, the big wheel, the glitz and glamour is exactly what makes this race so appealing, that and the fact that Singapore is a bloody awesome place! So this years race might have not delivered on the racing front, but with next years changes to the cars and the chance of more competition in the lower ranks, this could be the race of the season........well if it rains it might be! See you in Singapore, Roarrrrrrrrrrr.

Shoey's for Dani Ric

Shoey's for Dani Ric

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