Shooting a Porsche 918 spyder

how we tried our best to create some visual carporn shooting a porsche 918 spyder, a costum made light rig and a 100 year old locomotive hall.

I have been looking forward to this shooting for AGES. It all started 1.5 years ago when Flo messaged me he can arrange access to a Porsche 918 Spyder as soon as it gets delivered – Which took sadly took almost a year. Nevertheless, we got our hands on that car recently and did a full photoshoot. It was loads of fun shooting together with a great team but with the time flying by pressure was on to get all images done on time. The final photos will be published as soon as we find an appropriate way to do so, meanwhile find a few behind the scenes shots here.

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At some point we finally got the chance to realize our plans and bring the mighty Porsche to a superb location: A 100 year old locomotive hall which is mostly used for huge events and concerts. The contrast of old ceiling, rusty metal and the red, modern looks of the car was perfect and made it easy to capture some extraordinary photos.

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Comments (13)

  • Automotive photography at its best. Thanks for publishing!

      4 years ago
  • Very beautiful indeed. I have one question: what photoshop-programm did You use?

    Greetings from Germany. ;)

      4 years ago
  • Good job!

      4 years ago
  • Beautiful

      4 years ago
  • So sick! 😍

      4 years ago