Short 2020 Supra Vs. Z4 issue

​My thoughts on the new Supra after driving it for 5 minutes. Yes, I know i'm late to the party.

38w ago

Timing and control is something an automatic lacks, even when it is faster off the line than the manual counterpart. The Toyota Supra drives like a refined Z4. The difference between the Z4 and the Supra is that, the Supra removes the very minimal; almost non existent chassis flex that is noticeable when driving the Z4. This is not a bad thing, as handling around corners in the Supra gives off a more confident feeling behind the wheel compared to its German counterpart. This should not have been the only thing that sets these two "completely different" cars apart. To me, It needed a manual gearbox as an optional extra. Instead of being forced with the brillant ZF 8 speed dual-clutch automatic as the only choice. A manual gearbox would have made the acceleration off the line a little-bit worst; but yet, at the same time made the difference needed to make the Supra the reboot everyone wanted, not a redesigned Z4 coupe with a Toyota badge stuck on it.

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