Short/Quick car reviews: Tesla Model X (P90D).

(Before getting to the Main dish that the article will be I have to mention that I didn`t expect wanting to do a Review of this certainly unconventional car. But now I certainly regret not having taken many pictures while I had it rented, so I may have to fill in the gaps with Stock Images)

I have spent a day with a rental Tesla Model X and although I don’t like electric cars at all, I have to say that I could take back a couple of things I said about them but... still my position with the electric cars remains the same, they have a long way to go until they beat normal combustion cars in Practicality.

When I arrived at the hotel in my car I had clear that the space of the trunk on my car is certainly large enough to pile up several large suitcases despite the small trunk opening along stuffing on the nooks and crannies of the car a lot of useless stuff as empty water bottles full of condensation or malfunctioning Mp3 devices. Easily you can fit more than 300Kg of crap to bring alongside 5 occupants that will make your life impossible asking you why the radio does not work and especially spending 10-15€ on gasoline I knew I would be making a lot of trips back and forth to the city so instead I went on to rent a electric car for quite a reasonable price for the days I would be taking a little break… and before you ask me the only hydrogen recharge point was pretty far away so Hydrogen was out of the question.

The good points...Certainly Many!

The Tesla P90D in the photo has exactly 5 seats, I can say that the trunk there is considerably more spacious than my car, can fit more than 300kg of garbage... Luggage

It is certainly interesting in my opinion to have a car with two trunks, if there is not enough space behind you can always put the shopping in the front trunk, it is incredibly practical in that aspect of being able to carry many things, But now let`s move onto another aspect of the Model X.

While I was busy reading a little about the rental contract, I looked over to my right and saw the 17-inch center display that at first glance seemed like a nightmare when it comes to intuition terms but I have to say it`s certainly impressive for me to have the capability to access internet, calendar, GPS… all of it in a single spot a certainly fantastic idea, the software also worked without any kind of Lag or latency, In there I could also access to advanced driving settings and switch driving modes, from comfort to sport or get the ludicrous acceleration mode which I got to try on a avenue and nearly glued myself to the back of a slow moving truck had the brakes failed by some reason (An obvious reminder why you shouldn`t try Ludicrous mode with traffic) I also got to mention the rather unimportant function of checking your own efficiency with the center display, thing I couldn`t care less for.

As far in control terms are concerned, I wasn`t witty enough to realize there were some wheels within the levers behind the steering wheel that allowed me to control things like the volume, still I liked the possibility of being able to plug-in my phone to the car or my USB and have the chance to play my mix while driving and above all I have to highlight the impressive acceleration of 0-100 in 3.4 seconds and 19Kw/100 kilometers, much more efficient in the usage aspect.

Bad boints but... There`s room for improvement.

Although the Tesla Model X does not have many bad points to speak off I have to say that not everything is wine and roses with this car, I have experienced a bit of bad things with it but they aren`t necessarily extremely bad, more of a slight bother to me who I`m used to find everything with touch rather than intuition alone.

When I picked up Model X from the renting company I had 30% battery left on the car and I knew I had to charge it somewhere, on the town I was in there was no nearby Tesla Supercharger or a Public charger on the hotel I was staying on so after 10-15 minutes driving around on the city I found a bar and asked the owner for a favor for him to lend me his high voltage plug and charge, the charge took me aproximatedly 45 minutes, enough time for me to order an omelet sandwich and a coke cola for a calm lunch, which I wouldn`t be able to do in my gasoline car in 5 minutes (Well maybe buy an energy bar on the fly at the gas station surely)

On another bad point I would like to mention I can say that the center display altough cool and very futuristic looking with a lot of functions crammed on a single place, at the time I was driving I was Unaware of the manual controls on the steering wheel (I do feel kinda dumb now) and This means I had to look away from the road sometimes I would end up Tapping the touchscreen on the wrong places and not switching radio channels or switching the A/C controls.

altought the Model X has a certainly Impressive acceleration of 3.4 seconds I couldn`t help but feel a bit weird whenever I looked at the speedometer past 100kph and feeling my acceleration was somewhat lethargic in comparison with other cars (even if I was leaving them on the dust)

I wouldn`t call the model X a bad car since it`s pretty decent but... yet there`s still room for improvement.

Tesla Model X (P90D)

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