S​hot my first car review video for Youtube and forgot to say, 'Like, share and subscribe'

T​hough, I did try May's classic "Hello, viewers". Hope I don't get sued

2w ago

Unlike most celebrities, cameras make me quite self-conscious. I despise taking selfies and posing for photos is only agreed to, when I have company. So, you can imagine how effortless it must’ve been for me to shoot an entire video while talking to the camera. Almost a child’s play. A severely scared and camera conscious child, at that.

But looking at the year that went by, and how we survived the bat-feast issue, it motivated me. Hence, with a determined head and an extremely nervous heart, I soldiered on to create my first feat with the camera. And unexpectedly, it was quite fun. Apart from the million retakes.

Of course, this isn’t a brand new car, but the idea was to make a fun yet informative piece for the masses, which helps them understand the vehicle's real-world boons and issues. Hope the outcome turned out as crazy and cool as I imagined it in my head to be. And I am posting this here on my birthday, so you know how desperately I’m using all the big guns in my arsenal.

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Comments (37)

  • I watched the first minute and it's really well shot! And loved the gif cameos😂

      15 days ago
  • You edited it really well!

    Shots and production quality= 1111/10 ( better produced than Doug DeMuro)

    However, do not use the same intro music in the coming videos, as the intro music is rather overused.

    I must say that this video kept me more engaged than other mainstream car YouTubers!

      15 days ago
    • Thank You, Jonathan :)

      Yup, those edits and tinkerings will be made but your words were really appreciative!

      And now, I can't show this to Doug :p

        15 days ago
  • Cool mematic review overall,

    But you forgot to mention the dieselgate scandal,

    You could've said that sometimes the VW Diesel pollutes more than a Semi Truck,

    Typical old age VW authoritarian thingy of the past, there's no two doubt about that, even they like to dictate alot which tells about their overall response agaisnt the customer in the market,




      14 days ago
    • Hahaha, it felt like recieving praise in an Indian idol audition :p

      And yeah, I would've mentioned it quite clearly if I had a diesel. Couldn't connect that story with my car naturally, so..... Didn't want it to feel forced. Though there's...

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        14 days ago
    • Man the diesel though it sounds like a Truck and the NVH level is pure punkass shit,

      It would tear the ears out if you're standing near the traffic lights,

      You could've plugged some diesel fact part in your video, since both are the same...

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        14 days ago
  • I think it was very good for the first attempt as it had a 21st century vibe with those movie snippets in between. I would have asked you for a collaboration if I had the skills and was owning a car.

      15 days ago
  • call this number on a dead man's phone 😂😂😂😂😂

      15 days ago