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    Should Alfa Romeo revamp the 33 Stradale?
    • Yes! Imagine what a modern one would be like.
    • Maybe. Depends on what the car would be like.
    • Are you joking? That car is a beautiful classic! Don't revamp it!
    • Other thoughts? Comment!

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    • Leave it alone. Make a new model that takes inspiration from it but not something that is meant to be a modern interpretation

        2 months ago
    • They'll probably stuff it up by making it an electric SUV

        2 months ago
    • Leave history in the past. This is a classic and needs to be remembered not diluted. Make something new. Use the same format. Make it a similar shape. Leave the name and association out of it.

        2 months ago
    • Not a direct successor, but something on its levels like an Alfa version of the MC20

        2 months ago


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