Should all auto companies start building a museum?

Musings of amuse do take place in the best manner in a museum.

33w ago

Tell any automotive fanatic that you're travelling to Germany and what will be his first reply? Don't forget to check out the museums of the German luxury triumvirates Audi, Mercedes-Benz and BMW!

Museums have been the best source to know the pedigree of a brand contemporaneously providing you the opportunity to inhale the aural and visual splendor of each of the models standing on the podium in a dignified manner. Such is the environment that even the 'non-car people' establish an emotional connect with the place, the brand and the cars. Manufacturers have gone out of the way to fabricate museums that look the part and will cast a spell on you in an instant. A fabulous example would be BMW. The exterior/facade of the museum has been shaped in a cylindrical manner to make it look synonymous with the cylinders of a car.

Then there is Mercedes-Benz which has taken an outright different approach to redefine what a museum can be. They have done this by allocating sections to denote different things. One corner mimics a racetrack to express how vivid its history and association with motorsport has been along with the models that drove on wheels to clock in the pages in the books of history.

Yet another area reveals a cohort of the most ancient cars marvellously depicting the era when hardly anybody knew what the term 'car' or err 'Auto' in German meant. And then there's the section I have always loved to ogle at-Concept cars which give us an inkling about how a particular model came into being and unravelling the name that Mercedes eponymously slammed its insignia on.

There's no two ways about it-you can't get to know the glorious past of a company by reading those long and boring pages as much as you would when you physically visit the place, gaze at the cars, those plaques and guides ready to bequeath as much intel as they can.

However, building a museum can prove to be a handsome and exorbitantly expensive affair as it requires vast expanse of land, shipping of the antique models, interior design, staff, maintenance and the list continued ever after (no pun intended)...

However, it also gives the company a chance to openly showcase its illustrious past and the wonders it has done for decades. Besides, there is a monetary gain as a fair amount of moolah can be earned as people throng in to experience mojo of their coveted brand.

So should every company establish a museum of its own? What are the novel concepts they can bring in which the marques already holding museums haven't introduced to us?

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  • In the UK we have lots of different car and transport related museums that are all different. The British Motor Museum in Warwickshire highlights most of the cars built in the UK by Austin, Rover, Land Rover, Jaguar and other British cars. Jaguar and Land Rover keep part of their heritage collection at the museum. We also have other excellent car museums like the Coventry transport museum where you can see the record holding Thrust land speed record cars and cars that were manufactured in Coventry over the years, also including another part of the Jaguar Heritage collection as they were once made in Coventry.

    Other interesting UK museums to do with cars I can think of are the Lakes Motor Museum in the Lake district and for Motorsport there is the new Silverstone museum.

      7 months ago
  • Most reputable automotive marques have a museum or archive dedicated to their vehicles, they’d differ in scale and public accessibility but heritage preservation is a norm. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

      7 months ago