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Should classic cars be electrified?

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  • Noooo

      11 months ago
  • I love classics, and putting an electric engine in an immaculate E-type is sacrilege in my opinion.

    However, if the original engine is junk and the car was in need of major structural work anyway, I'm much less opposed to it. I do like a good restomod, and the performance an electric drivetrain can offer does sound interesting.

    Then there's taking a "common classic" like a Morris Minor, VW Beetle or 2CV and fitting it with a Tesla P100D drivetrain in it just to upset everyone at the local drag-strip.

      11 months ago
  • I see why people are interested in it, it is a restomod, just like any other restomod.

    But there is a limit on what should be converted and what is designated a classic car.

    I wouldn’t want someone to put an LS motor on a Model T, I wouldn’t want a Cummins Diesel in a 63 Split window corvette and I wouldn’t want an electric motor in a Lambo Miura or a Ferrari 250 GT.

    But if you want to drop an electric motor in a Porsche 914, go right ahead

      11 months ago
  • Why not build a new EV that looks like an E-Type or a 356 or a 250 GTO and leave the originals alone. While I fully support EV, hybrid and fuel cell technology it does not mean we have to convert everything over to new tech.

      11 months ago
  • youtu.be/pSLnzpVN6FU

      11 months ago