Should Companies Make Older Cars Again?

8w ago

I have a feeling that if they did, they could be more famous. My thoughts have been going for a while, but when I watched For VS Ferrari, I got a lightbulb! I was thinking about every 10 or so years, car brands could produce a certain amount of a very popular vehicle, like bmw, should do either M1's E30's or E9's. Or, every 10 years, they could come out with a more modern style of the old cars, I found an E9 for an example. and when you compare, they look very alike. (We should all think they are making these, and not those ugly 2021 M3's with big grilles, right?) and by doing this, car companies could increase income, and make newer vehicles that are safer, and easier to drive.(NOT SELF DRIVING)If I did have the money, I would be making a car company that does this, and donates 30% percent of the income. But if anyone agrees, please tell me, and if not, it's fine, it's just an idea.

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  • Yes, it would be great to take a break from 800bhp monsters that do 0-60 before you have time to blink and miss it. They're gonna keep getting more expensive so if they go back in time 20 or so years every now and again, hopefully it will get cheaper to buy new cars that replicate old ones, maybe unlike the ultra high cost of recent continuations of old cars.

      1 month ago