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Should Dodge bring back the Viper?
  • Yes! They most likely will!
  • No the Viper is pointless!

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  • Would be a great competitor to the C8 Corvette

      25 days ago
  • I like cars that try to kill you

      25 days ago
  • It's interesting you bring up this idea. I remember when the announcement hit the floor that the Viper was being discontinued. It was a rather shame to see it go but in all honesty they weren't selling. If it was kept as a vehicle that was made to order than maybe it could've been saved but for the price of a Viper you could get a nice Mercedes-Benz AMG or a Hellcat. Besides it was only offered with Tremec T56 manual gearbox and not everyone can drive a manual gearbox. The Hellcat also had 3 additional seats and more horsepower.

      25 days ago
    • And the Hellcat could also be a daily as it had a decent sized trunk.

        24 days ago
    • Very true. The Dodge Viper was a great weekend car but not practical for much more.

        24 days ago
  • They should, but it didn’t make enough money to keep it.

      25 days ago
  • It would be cool but I don’t think it’s gonna happen

      25 days ago


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