Should Drivetribe get itself a paper magazine?

And what could it feature?

4w ago

To those who, from the start, think this is a ridiculous idea, bear with me on this one. Over four years of loyal service, the Drivetribe Youtube page alone has gathered over 1.7 Million followers while the website has seen hundreds of thousands of amused enthusiasts from the most professional writers to whoever just wanted to get a piece of the motoring action, trying themselves at writing, making quizzes, posting or cool pictures of unique cars. As a result, Drivetribe is now home to a large community of motoring enthusiasts. So is this the right time to move on to something bigger?

What about a paper magazine?

However thick the paper is or how shiny the pages are, a magazine is always closer to your heart than articles you read behind a screen and of which you can't really be sure who's behind it. It is something you can hold onto, somewhat proof of your passion never mind how big of a place it occupies in your everyday life. You can very well buy one from Top Gear, one on fast and exotic vehicles or on the latest cars from around the world. Surely then, there is a spot on the shelf of your local supermarket for a magazine featuring car stories, amusing automotive anecdotes, some of the rarest and most exotic cars ever captured and much more than that.

What else could it contain?

Starting with the whole point of Drivetribe, anyone on the website could get their article selected to go on the magazine whether it's about heart-warming car-based memories, a meaty debate on how SUVs are actually very healthy, and why not include some famous people's stories? They could come from Clarkson, Hammond or May but also well-known Youtubers, famous cooks and tennis players who probably don't have much to do with cars but all keen to share one or two fond memories. News from Jeremy's farm or Hammond's restoration projects for instance could be included. Alongside these articles, Drivetribe's most deserving car spots would earn their place as well as the most interesting polls and a few ideas on how to occupy a motoring enthusiast's daily routine. A page would be dedicated to car videos and films created by lesser popular people enlargening each-others motoring culture and opening up to new channels and different content. Several over pages would be reserved to writers coming from a larger part of the world: Germany, France, Australia, Italy, Spain and many others to get a taste of different car cultures from foreign countries.

In this form, Drivetribe would also open up to a wider audience and, for one thing, attract younger enthusiasts. Even today, kids under twelve years old don't often get access to phones or social media whereas magazines are part of their cultural life, handing them the opportunity to further develop their knowledge with Drivetribe. Aesthetically, the magazine would also benefit from the distinctive clean design that sets Drivetribe apart from different channels and websites, making it recognizable and more attractive at first glance.

Perhaps this still sounds like a ridiculous idea. Or maybe I've managed to convince you and a few additional ideas have sprung into mind. If so, feel free to write down your thoughts and ideas below and as always, thanks for reading.

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Comments (31)

  • aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh. Million-dollar question. Instinct and heart say yes, common sense says no. It is a romantic idea but it is also a bit of a gamble

      28 days ago
    • Same. COVID as well

        28 days ago
    • What if the magazine was made to order? Don't produce a set supply and hope there is a demand for them but simply supply what is demanded. That's the smartest thing to do in this situation.

      You could also make it a membership benefit which...

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        28 days ago
  • I have often thought about this idea, but the reality is that it would virtually impossible to pull off. Not just because of the sheer cost but also the fact that magazines are sadly dying. I would love to see a DT mag and I may even try and make one up myself to see what it would look like, but for now im going to guess it’s a no.

      28 days ago
  • Paper magazines still exist? πŸ‘€

      28 days ago
  • From a business perspective print magazines are not good idea when the world is digital unless it is subscription only which may be a bit expensive for the consumer. While we have plenty of daily articles do we really have enough quality to fill an actual magazine?

      28 days ago
  • Yeah Good Idea

      28 days ago