- Quinn Houff wrecks into contenders at Texas - photo via NASCAR

Should erratic drivers be demoted from the NASCAR Cup Series?

Keselowski thinks NASCAR should demote reckless drivers from its highest level

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NASCAR said the 00 Star Com Racing driver Quinn Houff made a "very poor decision" attempting to pit from the outside in the closing laps at Texas. That move, inevitably, led him to hit cars on the inside, damaging some contenders and destroying his own car. With Houff already nine laps down, the contact destroyed Matt DiBenedetto's chance for a win, which he was in position to get.

The sanctioning body promised to reprimand the driver for his mistake, while he was blasted by competitive spotters and the drivers he hit, particularly DiBenedetto. One driver who was not involved but was particularly vocal was Team Penske's Brad Keselowski, an alliance teammate to Matt.

He noted that the chaos created by the wreck - in the middle of green-flag pit stops - did make “more entertaining finish, so if you like chaos, then that was good.” However, in his mind, he's "a professional race car driver that’s worked...to get [to the Cup Series] and would like to think that those efforts have created a spot for me in this series to be joined with peers of similar talent levels."

However, among his competitors he thinks there are a "handful of drivers that kindly I wonder exactly how they got to this level." Especially, he said, with a rules package that the cars currently have that make it easy to drive, meaning the real test only comes on race day. Brad's annoyed that "drivers that have had this issue multiple times somehow are still here." As he solution, he thinks they should "effectively be placed in a lower series or asked to go back to a more minor league level to prove their salt."

Ultimately, though, the issue comes down to funding. That's the reason Quinn Houff is in the 00 car, with just two late model wins to his name and just ten Xfinity and five ARCA starts. If the Star Com Team can't afford better talent and experience, then that's the caliber of driver that will be in some seats. NASCAR promises to change that with the next-gen car, which will lower costs for the teams and allow them to spend more on better drivers who will cost more to get but be up to snuff for the Cup Series.

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Comments (18)

  • Here’s my answer. Should he be demoted? No he worked really hard just to compete at the highest level because not just anyone can drive at NASCAR’s highest level. Should he be heavily Penalized and/or fined? Absolutely. From what I can gather this is a fairly new driver in NASCAR and he had a lapse in judgement and it cost him and others dearly. I say penalize and fine him and hopefully he’ll learn from his mistake. Don’t talk about demoting him until he becomes a repeat offender and something like this happens consistently.

      20 days ago
  • Do NASCAR drives hold a license for example like they do in F1? If so, maybe for obvious dangerous driving they should be given points. Too many points loose your license therefore can’t drive until points have cleared.

      20 days ago
    • No they don’t, and a Super License system might be a solution. Lower series like XFinity, Trucks, and ARCA could add up points to get you to Cup, once you’ve proved yourself.

        20 days ago
  • NASCAR has devolved into a demolition derby, which is why sponsorships and ratings have sunk. Restrictor plate races are almost impossible to watch

      20 days ago
  • Just ask Carl Edwards about his feelings of Brad Keselowski.

      20 days ago
  • No, it makes it more fun to watch

      21 days ago