Should Hammond's Workshop feature a motorcycle restoration? If so, what one?

Help pick a motorcycle that would be a perfect feature on Hammond's Workshop.

1w ago

With the recent announcement that Hammond was going to start a restoration workshop and have the whole process turned into a show many are very excited to see what projects get featured and how everything turns out. Up until now the only glimpse into the restoration world with Hammond have been a short series about is Jaguar.

While Richard Hammond is widely known as a "car guy" many overlook that he is massively interested in motorcycles. He personally owns a very interesting collection that has been talked about briefly on DriveTribe. Personally I am hopeful that some of that motorcycle passion pours over into the new show. Would love to see a full motorcycle restoration featured, but what to choose?

Maybe start with a small Honda such as the SS50? Hammond started posted about the project here over 4 years ago, so it would have a fun narrative. It would be a simple and relatable bike to go over. Even something close to the Super Cup that James May rode across Vietnam would be fun.

Perhaps a vintage Harley Sportster would be a better fit for the show. A larger more brute vehicle to offset some of the more delicate sports cars that are rumored to be going through the workshop. Probably a relatively rare bike to find in the UK.

How about something slightly more modern? Maybe a first year GSXR1100? This era of 80s and 90s motorcycles is very hot right now. They are the emerging collectable generation and becoming increasingly sought after. Could be something to peak the interest of a younger group.

Comment below with what motorcycle you would like to see restored on Hammond's workshop

I wonder if the focus of the show will be to pull from Hammond's personal vehicles. The Jaguar and Oliver were both his own projects.

Will people want to see mostly high end models restored to perfect condition, or will more attainable examples be sprinkled into the queue?

What era will the majority of features be from? It is always a challenge to cast too wide of a new and loose some specific expertise.

For me I hope to see some neo classic sport bikes. Something odd ball and rare. For a while Hammond owned a Bimota SB8RS, unsure if he still has it. I loved going through the process on my SB8R. Would be super cool to see how Hammond handles a similar project.

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Comments (46)

  • Yes, Brough Superior please

      12 days ago
  • The answer, of course, is “YES”.

    Any bike!

      12 days ago
  • a classic vespa!

      12 days ago
  • Absolutely!, it should have maybe 1 each season. I would say pick an era, then find a bike from that era that best represents that particular era.

      11 days ago
  • Kawasaki Z1

      11 days ago